Female Foodie Friday

Hey Foodies!

Here is your weekly dose of Female Foodie Friday, a list of personal highlights on my FAVORITE day of the week, food related or not. This post contains affiliate links.

Highs of the Week

  • A new blogger on the SLC team! Read her first review on this Daybreak restaurant here.
  • Made one of my fav. childhood recipes for dinner this week. Anyone else a fan??
  • New restaurant review on one of my favorites spots for brunch in Portland (see pic above and swoon).
  • A gorgeous walk up City Creek Canyon in SLC with Cody & Beau.
  • I’m obsessed with these EXTRA big packs of gum. No pun intended.
  • THIS ice cream flavor from TJ’s (although we were hoping it would be a bit chunkier).
  • Homemade pizza for VDay, with the help of this amazing cookbook.
  • Theseeeeeee. #todolists
  • We literally have NOTHING planned for the weekend. Sometimes a low-key fri/sat/sun is all I need.
  • Going to the local tour of this next week and I can hardly wait!
  • A full lane, all to myself during my swim yesterday. Life is good.
  • This. PS- that’s 100% my favorite color.

Lows of the Week

  • Got new running shoes and looooved them. Until I ran a few miles in them- ouch! I’ve been running in these shoes for nearly 5 years now but they changed their sizing last year and it isn’t the same.
  • Tax. Deadline. Sneaking. Up.


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