Female Foodie Friday

Hey Foodies!

Here is your weekly dose of Female Foodie Friday, a list of personal highlights on my FAVORITE day of the week, food related or not. This post contains affiliate links.

Highs of the Week

  • Walking into Trader Joe’s after a long day at work and seeing pumpkin EVERYTHING!! What are your favorite pumpkin items from TJ’s?
  • Finally shared my FREE San Francisco Bucket List! Trust me foodie friends, you’ll want to save this one for later.
  • I think that everyone deserves a sweater like this one now that it’s fall!
  • One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to on branding. If you’re a business owner or blogger, must listen!
  • I had a greasy, cheesy slice of pepperoni pizza for lunch today and it was soooo satisfying.
  • And speaking of food, I LOVE exploring all of the delicious things that Austin has to offer! If you have a recommendation please send it my way! And if you need one of the best comprehensive guides to eating out in ATX, you must read this article.
  • Booking flights home for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait. It is truly my favorite holiday ever. #teamstuffing

Lows of the Week

  • Praying for you, Las Vegas. ♥


  • Fun fact: the stereo in my car BROKE! It just won’t turn on. Not a lot of music this week. Sorry guys and better luck to me next week.

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