Chelsea’s Kitchen Kale Salad Recipe HackWhen I used to live in Arizona Chelsea’s Kitchen was one of the restaurants I was frequently at. I swear everything on their menu is to die for and they make these fleur de sel cookies that are mindblowing.

Chelsea’s Kitchen Kale Salad Recipe HackWhen I was pregnant with my son I had those weird pregnancy cravings that everyone talks about (shout out to all of the pregnant ladies out there right now). I craved potato mac salad and all the sugary treats in the world but the one thing I craved the most was Kale Salad from Chelsea’s kitchen.

Chelsea’s Kitchen Kale Salad Recipe Hack

This salad has something for everyone in it. It has kale for the health nuts, grape for those with a sweet tooth, and Parmesan cheese for everyone, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cheese?! This salad is also quick to make and has homemade dressing.

Chelsea’s Kitchen Kale Salad Recipe HackI feel like sometimes we think of dressing as this thing that always has to be bought at the store. I know I haven’t found very many dressing recipes out there and I’m no dressing magician. I also catch myself thinking, “dressing, who has the time?!” But don’t be intimidated, when it comes down to it dressings are just some sort of oil, something a little acidic, and seasoning. I promise you’ll pretty much blink and this dressing will be done and you’ll feel like you conquered the world.

So bust out your fancy chef pants, make this salad, and conquer the world or your kitchen at least.

Chelsea’s Kitchen Kale Salad Recipe Hack

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Kellie Harley
Servings: 5 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


  • ½ cup Quinoa, cooked and cooled to room temp
  • 1 bunch Kale washed, de-stemmed and chopped
  • 1 cup Red Grapes, washed and halved
  • 1 Roma Tomato, diced
  • ½ cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
  • 2 tablespoons Sunflower Seeds


  • ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Juice from 1 Lemon
  • 1 teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar


  • In a small bowl combine dressing ingredients and whisk until thoroughly combined.
  • In a large bowl combine all salad ingredients and drizzle dressing on top and toss salad.

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