How to Make a Cheese Board

A good cheese board. The combination of meat + cheese + fruit is an instant hop on the endorphin train (yes, endorphins ARE released when you eat good food…. hence my life).  My mama (ABountifulKitchen) and I are throwing down a post today to show you just how easy & foolproof a good cheese board is.
 Remember my trip to San Fran last month?? The Good Food Awards?
Introducing The Royal Gourmet. 100% pure fruit from Florida discovered on our west coast foodie frenzy. If you’re a mango lover, this product is a MUST [link *here* ]. They have ten different artisan varieties to choose from but the mango & guava (pictured above) are my personal favs. The Royal Gourmet is owned by Orlando and Maria, two Florida natives that have perfected the art of preserving fruit. Their ingredients and produce are the highest of quality. Check them out for free shipping on all orders $35.99+. We had a swell time experimenting with this marmalade. General consensus: it tastes good with everything. Or just by the spoonful. Decisions.
We used the mango marmalade as a finishing touch to our cheese board. For something both delicious & asthetically pleasing, aim for contrasting flavors, colors, and textures.
 Cheese: it’s arguable that there are better ways than others to select cheese for your cheeseboard. Keep it simple and pick 3-4 cheeses that vary in density, intensity (flavor), and color. For our board we used Gouda (medium firm, mild flavor), Manchego (firm, sharp flavor), and Robiola Bosina (soft, rich).
This was my first time trying Robiola Bosina. It’s a delicious blend of sheep’s milk and cow’s milk with creamy flavors and a strong aftertaste. Highly recommend.
 Fruit/Vegetables: I’m a huge sucker for olives so these gorgeous arbequinas were a no-brainer. Red grapes are a classic cheeseboard pick & mum is an apricot fan so there you have. Crackers/bread: a cracker or two will suffice. Something “whole” and something simplistic (Carr’s classic water crackers).  Doesn’t need to be complicated. Just remember, you’re better than Ritz.
 This is one of the greatest rolls (yeah) of salami I’ve yet to encounter.  It’s made by Olympic Provisions (link *here*) and has pistachio & lemon zest. Un. Real. You better believe that made it on the board.
 “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” -Da Vinci

The Royal Gourmet Co
( 954-381-4874)
P.O. Box 840342
Hollywood, Fl 33084

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