Washington DC: Amsterdam Falafelshop

If you could only cook only one thing and do so perfectly, what would it be? Amsterdam Falafelshop chose falafels.  They make fresh, gently spiced falafels that have the oh-so-necessary crunch on the outside and a soft, textured inside. Their falafels are traditionally served in a white or wheat pita, but if you’re looking to save a few calories or carbs, there is also a bowl option. And the sizes are perfect — mini is 3 falafels and regular is 5 falafels.

I got the regular wheat pita and smashed the balls gently — as suggested — prior to filling with my choice of toppings. They have a topping bar with all the classic middle eastern flavors you’d want to put on your pita and more. Hummus, tzatziki (yogurt and  dill sauce), baba ghanoush, spicy chili spread, pickled cabbage, chickpea salad, cucumber tomato salad — dressed in vinaigrette or undressed, turnips, amazing fried eggplant, and much more. I filled mine up with a little bit of everything. Twenty-two toppings in all with no extra charge.

I would definitely suggest getting the fries, if only for the simple fact that it’s a reason to taste the curry ketchup. It is out of this world. I mix the ketchup with a little Dutch mayo, is that weird? Although I tend to go for lunch, night owls love this spot because they’re open until 2:30am. Fresh falafels all day and night… Music to my ears.

DC is lucky to have a few Amsterdam Falafelshops, but I hit the spot located on the ever-growing, popular 14th Street corridor while perusing at some of the nearby homeware shops like Room & Board, west elm, Miss Pixie’s, and Homerule.

Amsterdam Falafelshop (1830 14th Street NW, Washington DC // 202.232.6200)

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