Salt Lake City: Aubergine & Company

Aubergine & Company is one of the most popular restaurants in Utah County, so you can see why I was stoked that they journeyed out of Orem and came Sugarhouse. Situated right next to Cubby’s, Aubergine & Company has officially arrived.  Aubergine does well at providing a modern, yet hip and trendy setting to their restaurant. With a hospitable staff and inviting environment, they’ll keep you coming back!

Aubergine & Company is 1. filling, 2. healthy, and 3. a totally tastily satisfying experience. YUM. Whether you want one of their signature dishes or choose to make your own salad or sandwich, they will not limit your imagination. There are so many toppings and sauces that I promise that your palate and stomach will be happy after this meal. I ordered a personally-made sandwich with falafel, the Energy Power Smoothie, and a side of potato bites- all healthy, fresh, filling, and delicious! Their homemade hummus, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce make any dish to die for. Other Female Foodie favorites include the chopped salads, soups, and acai bowls. Cheers to our new favorite Sugarhouse spot.

Aubergine & Company (2122 S Highland Dr., SLC, UT // 801.487.4321)

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