Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comGourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comGourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comHey there. If you’re looking at this blog post, you’re probably wondering WHAT these pictures are of (yes, they are doughnuts), and WHERE you can find them. Gourdough’s is a food truck and public house (restaurant) that sells big. fat. doughnuts. And some of the best you can get in Austin, Texas. While my husband and I were visitng just a few weeks back, no less than a dozen foodies recommended I try Gourdough’s for a great spot to enjoy something sweet while in Austin.

Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comGourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comOnce you look at the menu at Gourdough’s you’ll most likely be completely overwhelmed by all of the tasty and unique options. Although I wanted to try a bite of each, I went with the cashier’s recommendation and ordered Mama’s Cake, Granny’s Pie, and the Nutty Valentine.

Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comUsually when I stop by a bakery or doughnut shop, I’ll order a good half dozen items just to get a feel for the bakery or dessert shop.

I thought I was going light at Gourdough’s by ordering just three and boy was I wrong. These “doughnuts” are ENORMOUS.

Literally one is enough to share between two. But, nonetheless, it was really fun to try three different flavors.

Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.com Mama’s Cake, although not so beautiful and appetizing, had a delicious cake batter flavor that I was quite partial to. Granny’s Pie was all about the texture- the graham crackers and bananas plus pecans covered in rich caramel was a flavor explosion in my mouth. But my favorite of them all was the Nutty Valentine. This combo of Nutella, cinnamon sugar, and fresh strawberries was finger-licking delicious. I’m a huge sucker for “chocolate” covered strawberries and this humongo doughnut hit the spot.

Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comMade to order, hot, and delicious doughnuts are my new favorite dessert. Next time you’re in Austin, Texas, be sure to look up Gourdough’s for some of the grandest (and largest) dessert in town. Because everything’s bigger in Texas.

Gourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comGourdough's in Austin, Texas | femalefoodie.comGourdough’s (1503 S 1st St., Austin, TX)