Austin: Noble Sandwich Co.

“Make it, and make it better than the guy down the street.”  This is the humble philosophy of Noble Sandwich Co.  But don’t be fooled by this restaurant’s humble appearance.  The vintage pendants and hand-written, chalk menu boards with shelves of house-made pickles are supposed to be welcoming and it prepares you for the a no-frills, all business kind of meal.  The space is airy and bright with communal tables and a quaint porch in the back of the restaurant.

Of course we had to get the Noble Pig sandwich.  This sandwich has spicy ham, bacon AND pulled pork. (Because one type of pork is just unacceptable.) To accent all this pork, there is a nicely aged provolone, spicy mustard and mayo.  On the side were perfectly salted and peppered chips and their house-made pickles.  Noble Sandwich Co has shelves and shelves of these pickles because they sell like crazy.  I typically have a jar in my fridge and eat straight out of the jar.  #nojudgement 

Next for lunch was a special; house cured ham steak with potato hash, grilled tomatoes, red eye gravy and a fried egg. OMG this was amazing.  Just look at that gravy!  In case you’re wondering what red eye gravy is, it’s a Southern bit of cuisine that use the morning’s leftover coffee.  Coffee has a wonderful bitter and acidic taste that highlight the ham steak perfectly.  Even the toast was made in Noble Sandwich Co.’s kitchen!  By the way, they don’t ask you how you want your egg done because there is only one right way to have an egg – runny yolk. #judgement

On the side was a delicious, fresh and insanely hot jalapeno coleslaw.  We ate through the pain because we’re Texans and we think we’re pretty tough.  This coleslaw is especially refreshing during the summer and the post-heat endorphins were so worth it.

Lastly, we had dessert.  The first dessert was a huge slice of brownie that was perfectly cakey and moist.  An apropos end to a heavy and rich meal.  The next dessert, because we’re masochists, was a heavenly combination of freshly baked banana and cherry breads, filled with a Swiss meringue buttercream and candied almonds.  This was my absolute favorite part of the meal.  Completely blew my mind with how superbly light and flavorful this dessert was.  Unfortunately, like most of the desserts, these are part of Noble Sandwich Co.’s daily specials and aren’t part of the regular menu.  That mean’s you’ll have to go often, if you want one of these sweet treats. #notpregnantjustdessert

 Noble Sandwich Co.  (12233 620 N ste 105, Austin, Texas //  512.666.5124)

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