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This wonderful little red building is now one of my favorite places just outside of Austin. On top of being a beautifully hand crafted space, Pieous also serves killer scratch-made Neapolitan pizza, sandwiches and pastrami. The sourdough starter for their crust has been in the family for more than 10 years and the flavor is a beautiful thing. I love eating pizza with my kids because they leave me all the crust –  it’s pretty dreamy this parent life.

I would love to tell you about how these specific pizzas at Pieous we’re amazing (and they were) but we sampled many and they were ALL very flavorful and satisfying combinations. All fresh, scratch-made ingredients, so find one piled with things you love and get it. Even this one topped with bacon jam and arugula was a show stopper. It looks like a salad on your pizza and at first you might be disappointed by that, but my friends, you will not be. Isn’t that the best thing about pizza? If you have amazing foundation and fresh ingredients that pair well, you really can’t go wrong. Don’t worry, they also have your classics if you’re not into salad pizzas and they were every bit as good.

And then there’s the pastrami. I was pretty skeptical  because I grew up with the good stuff and don’t much care for anything less than. This is legit pastrami. Not quite Katz’s deli but so very good. It’s absolutely something you should try when you go, on a salad or piled high with bread and mustard. Tender, juicy with good bark whether it be fatty, lean or mixed. Loved this little slice of pastrami heaven here in Texas.

Be prepared for a wait at Pieous and make sure you check hours on their Facebook page before you go. If you happen to be in Austin, it’s worth the country drive. Go early if you can so you’re not disappointed by sold out desserts like I was!

Pieous (12005 U.S. 290 West, Austin, TX 78737 // 512.394.7041)

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