Austin: Via 313

Zach and Brandon Hunt, both native Detroiters, opened up a little food truck in 2011 and began serving up their delicious pizza.  They have since expanded into a couple of locations in Austin, Texas- now known as Via 313.  In their brick-and-mortar restaurant, they have made a conscious design decision to use industrial surfaces.  Their bar-top is sealed concrete and they have old hubcaps from Chevy, Ford and others – great Detroit auto-manufacturers.

 What is even better is loud punk rock, I mean real punk like the Misfits – not Green Day or Blink 182, blares and completely sets the tone.  With this environment setting the tone, I knew I was about to get some aggressively delicious pizza.

Before punching me in the mouth with their tasty pizza, they eased me into it with a can of soft and smooth Vernors.  Vernors is from Detroit and has been serving oak-barrel aged ginger ale since 1866.

 Along with my ginger ale, I was served with 3 delectable meatballs covered in a perfectly sweet and acidic marinara sauce.

 Oh man, it was so good.

Now, for the pizza…

It comes in a 6 inch square and the crust is about 1/2 inch thick.  On that beautiful, bready square is piled delicious melted mozzarella cheese and the freshest toppings.  We tried the Omnivore and the Carnivore.  Once I sprinkled a little bit of hot red pepper on the pizza, all of the flavors combined to make my mouth completely rock out.

To finish out this rowdy meal, a caramel stout ice cream sundae with salted pretzels and generous serving of fresh whipped cream.  It was absolutely delicious and straight-out sinful.  If you’re looking for a Detroit culinary experience, the Hunt Brothers’ Via 313 is the best place in Austin.

Via 313 (61 Rainey Street, Austin, TX // 512.609.9405)

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