Chicken Tikka Poutine - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004Badmaash is definitely not the typical Indian food restaurant that comes to mind when you think Indian food. Located in downtown Los Angeles, this Indian Gastropub serves up some super tasty Indian cuisine different from anything you’ve tried before. I was brought here after hearing about their Chicken Tikka Poutine, I can’t resist a good poutine and this one sounded pretty amazing. We went on a weekday at lunchtime, found parking at a meter nearby easily enough and had our choice of seating upon entering the restaurant. They have a Lunch specials menu, but I couldn’t be distracted from ordering the Poutine. My husband decided to go with the Good Ol’ Saag Paneer off the lunch menu.

If you’re not familiar with Poutine, it is a dish with Canadian origins, usually consisting of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. The creators of Badmaash grew up in Toronto, so they blended that culture with their Indian culture to create this lovely creation of crispy, fresh fries seasoned with masala spices, topped with cheese curds, gravy, tandoori chicken tikka (cooked in a traditional clay tandoor oven), and cilantro. It was definitely the best poutine I’ve ever had.

 The Saag Paneer, “mom’s recipe” (as they say on their menu) of baby spinach sautéed with tomato, onion, garam masala and indian paneer cheese, was very good as well.

As for accompaniments,  I recommend the rosemary naan, and definitely try the Indian Coke if they have any available! If you’re planning on going on a weekend night, they have reservations available, which might be a good idea as I’ve heard they can get pretty busy. Next time you’re craving Indian food and you’re near downtown LA, definitely check out Badmaash!

Badmaash LA MenuBadmaash LA - Amanda Proudfit Photography   Chicken Tikka Poutine - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004Chicken Tikka Poutine - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004  Chicken Tikka Poutine - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004Good Ol' Sag Paneer - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004Good Ol' Sag Paneer - Badmaash LA_Amanda Proudfit_004Badmaash LA - Amanda Proudfit Photography Badmaash LA - Amanda Proudfit PhotographyReally enjoyed that they gave dubble bubble gum with the check at the end of the meal!

Badmaash LA - Amanda Proudfit PhotographyBadmaash LA - Amanda Proudfit PhotographyBadmaash LA (108 W 2nd Street #104, Los Angeles, CA // 213.221.7466)