Ben’s Cookies

I work just down the road from Ben’s Cookies in Covent Garden and it takes all my strength not to go there on my lunch everyday! When people think cookies and London it almost always Ben’s. They really aren’t like any other cookies you’ve come across before. They are the thickest, gooiest, most delicious ones you will find in London- more of a cross between a cake and a cookie? A cakie perhaps.

Last weekend at lunch, my friends and I wandered to Covent Garden and treated ourselves as it was Friday after all! So many flavours made it really hard to choose but we ended up going for a peanut butter, ginger, and a double chocolate. Usually I stick with the classic chocolate chunk but my bit of change turned out to be a great idea. Look for the little red shop, sit in the piazza, and enjoy your cake cookie. All customers with spare cookies would you pleaseeeeee pop by my office?

Ben’s Cookies (13A 40 Piazza, Covent Garden, London // 20.7240.6599)

Photos & Writing: Charlotte Moulder
London Female Foodie

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