It’s summer and that means baseball season is in full swing! Known for being the home to the San Francisco Giants, Oracle Park is one of the most impressive stadiums of all time. From the scenic waterfront views to the wide selection of food options, this stadium truly has it all.

Whether you’re a Bay Area native cheering on the Giants or checking Oracle Park off your MLB stadium tour bucket list, the last thing you want is to go hungry. But don’t strike out with basic ballpark food! Instead, take advantage of this unique foodie destination with the help of our guide to the best food at Oracle Park. Go Giants!

13. Chicago Dog (Promenade level 116)

hot dog from Chicago Dog

What’s more classic than a ballpark hot dog? Absolutely nothing. And at Oracle Park, you’ll get the chance to level up your hot dog game with a Chicago Dog! If you haven’t had a Chicago Dog, imagine a hot dog with enough toppings to be considered its own meal. With pickles spears, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, and zesty yellow mustard smothered on top, this isn’t just a hot dog—it’s an experience. The most famous topping used is a bright green relish that adds a sweet component to the overall spicy dog. The lightly toasted sesame seed bun is the perfect complement to all the bold flavors. Make sure to grab extra napkins so you don’t stain your jersey. This thing is messy!


12. Caramel Corn (Promenade level 127)

caramel corn at Oracle Park

If you have a sweet tooth, run don’t walk to get your hands on some ballpark caramel corn! This sugary treat is a game-changer and a necessary purchase if you’re looking to experience the best food at Oracle Park. Follow your nose until a caramelly aroma fills the air and giant tubs of popcorn come into view (aka Section 127). With a perfect salty-to-sweet ratio, this popcorn has a rich caramel coating that pairs magically with the buttery flavors and somehow gets better with each handful. We recommend sharing with your group, as the portions are GIANT (see what we did there?).

11. Giants Helmet Nachos (Promenade level 130)

carne asada Giants Helmet Nachos

Does food actually taste better when it comes in a souvenir? In this case, yes! If the ball game has you craving chips and cheese, head straight to the Mission Street Taqueria stand and order the Giants helmet nachos. Choose between carne asada and pollo asado for your protein—you really can’t go wrong with either—and load up on alllll the toppings (go big or go home, right?). The toppings include pinto beans, mild nacho cheese, pico de gallo, crema, jalapeños, guacamole, and delicious fire-roasted salsa. These nachos are another item that is perfect for sharing during your fun-filled day trying the best food at Oracle Park.

10. Cheesesteak (Promenade level)

cheesesteak at Oracle Park

One of our favorite sandwich options at Oracle Park is the cheesesteak. To get your hands on this tasty snack, head over to the “Outta Here!” food stand, located on top of the left-field dual-gate entrance, and order the original cheesesteak. It’s crafted with a fresh Italian bread roll that is smothered in a thick cheese whiz and topped with finely chopped meat, which allows the bold flavors to fully fuse. We recommend adding the hot and sweet peppers for an extra crunch and to give this sandwich its distinct cheesesteak flavor profile.


9. Gyro Pita (View level, 315)

gyro pita at Oracle Park

Just when you thought this stadium was hitting it out of the park with its delectable food selection, we’re here to tell you about a killer Mediterranean option! Head over to Section 315 and order some not-so-typical ball game food from the Pita Gyros stand. Our go-to is the lamb and beef gyro. Packed on top of a warm pita is a large helping of thinly sliced meat and a veggie trio of onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Don’t be surprised if your favorite part of the meal is the creamy Tzatziki sauce that’s heavily drizzled on top. It’s so good it’s almost drinkable! If you’re feeling spicy, make sure to ask for hot sauce. It gives the gyro just the right amount of heat.

8. Dole Whip (Promenade level 119)

dole whip at Oracle Park

If you’re going to stick it out for all nine innings, you’re going to need to treat yourself! Therefore, you must add a Dole Whip to your list when trying the best food at Oracle Park. Yes, Dole Whip is most widely known as a Disney dessert, but lucky for Giants fans it’s been added to this season’s all-star lineup of food options. If you don’t know by now, Dole Whip is a dairy-free, pineapple-flavored soft serve, and it’s absolutely delectable. Pick up this iconic icy treat from the Lumpia Company cart in Section 116 on the Promenade level.

7. Lumpia (Promenade level 119)

Lumpia from The Lumpia Company at Oracle Park

When it comes to unique options at Oracle Park, The Lumpia Company is shaking the ballpark food scene with their spin on the classic lumpia. If you’re not familiar with lumpia, it’s a Filipino spring roll that is similar to an egg roll. Take the uniqueness a step further and order the bacon cheeseburger lumpia. This out-of-the-box offering comes with eight pieces of lumpia stuffed with ground beef, smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese. Drizzled on top is The Lumpia Company’s Moo Moo Sauce which is a tangy mixture of banana ketchup, mayo, and relish. We recommend also dipping the lumpia in their sweet BBQ sauce if you’re into that sort of thing. Make sure to add this spot to your list when exploring the best food at Oracle Park!


6. Poke (Promenade level 112)

spicy poke from Da Poke Man

Poke may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of America’s greatest pastime, but after you try the poke at Oracle Park it definitely will be! Head over to Section 112 on the Promenade level to the “Da Poke Man” booth to order some fresh fish. You will have the choice of pairing your poke with sushi rice, mixed greens, or tortilla chips. We recommend the spicy poke paired with sushi rice—a traditional poke bowl that features yellowfin ahi tuna, scallions, masago, and sweet onions (our favorite). The sushi rice has furikake sprinkled on top, giving it an extra burst of flavor. It’s a home run in our book!

5. Super Duper Burger (Promenade level 136, O’Doul Plaza)

Mini Burger from Super Duper Burger

No need to settle for mediocre burgers when you’re a Giants fan! Super Duper Burgers is a Bay Area-based burger chain that is a must-visit when exploring the best food at Oracle Park. Whether you order the mini burger (single patty) or the super burger (double patty), it’s going to be love at first bite. Each burger is grilled to perfection, then topped with a slice of tomato, a bed of lettuce, and a dollop of their mouthwatering Super Sauce. All of which are situated between a wonderfully toasted sesame seed bun. If you want to make it a cheeseburger, make sure to let them know you want cheese, as their standard burgers come without it. Get a side of garlic fries to make it a full meal.

4. Clam Chowder (Promenade level, Anchor Plaza)

Clam Chowder bread bowl at Oracle Park

Yes, the odds of it being a bit chilly when you visit Oracle Park are high, but what’s better than warming up with a clam chowder bread bowl? Make your way to the Crazy Crab’z stand, which is located behind the bleachers section in the outfield, to indulge in a SF classic. The warm sourdough bread bowl is filled to the brim with a rich, flavor-packed chowder that is loaded with chunks of potatoes and plenty of clams. Each bite will warm you from the inside out and might even have you hoping for extra innings so you can get a second helping.


3. Ghirardelli Sundae (Promenade level 136, O’Doul Plaza)

Ghirardelli Sundae at Oracle Park

If you’re in San Francisco, chances are you’ve experienced or at least heard how good the Ghirardelli ice cream sundaes are. Luckily, you can find them at Oracle Park! The hot fudge sundae is the way to go here—famous Ghirardelli fudge engulfs a mountain of vanilla ice cream that is then topped with fluffy whipped cream, nuts that add a salty crunch with each bite, a classic maraschino cherry, and, of course, a Ghirardelli chocolate square. Too cold to get an ice cream sundae? Get a Ghiradelli hot chocolate to satisfy your cravings instead! 

2. Garlic Fries (Promenade level 118)

garlic fries at Oracle Park

Fact: we love garlic. And if you do too, these fries are what dreams are made of. Fresh out of the fryer, this beautiful pile of potatoes is smothered in a humongous helping of garlic, fresh parsley, and salt and pepper. They’re simple but delicious, and an absolute must-have when searching for the best food at Oracle Park. There are a few locations to order these, so follow the garlic scent to the one closest to your seat. Pro Tip: if you’re visiting Oracle Park for date night, make sure to freshen up before the 7th-inning kiss cam! 

1. Crab Sandwich (Promenade level, Anchor Plaza)

Crab Sandwich from Crazy Crab’z

When it comes to the best food at Oracle Park, the very best offering you can find is the crab sandwich from the Crazy Crab’z stand. As much as we love cheering on the Giants, this sandwich is the main attraction when visiting Oracle Park. Between two toasted pieces of garlic sourdough bread is the creamiest fresh crab mixture you’ll ever encounter. Each bite instantly melts in your mouth. This sandwich is about as simple as it gets, with the only additional garnishes being a tomato slice and lemon wedges for an optional touch of lemon juice, but trust us when we say it is outstanding. You will not want to share this, and may seriously consider going back for another. Truly, this crab sandwich is a grand slam!