Hot dogs: The comfort food for baseball games, the Fourth of July, and New York City. These delicious “dachshunds” have been in NYC for over a century and they’re still a fan favorite today as they were when each dog cost five cents (Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest every Fourth of July can attest to that!).

With so many establishments offering hot dogs, it can be overwhelming figuring out where the best hot dogs in New York City are. Well, have no fear because the Female Foodie team has done the heavy lifting, scouring all over the city to find the best of the best. Take a look at this guide the next time you’re in the mood for an incredible hot dog in Manhattan.


9. Emmett’s

hot dogs with fries

Are you from Chicago, miss Chicago cooking, or simply want to enjoy great food in a fun atmosphere? If you answered yes, head to Emmett’s! Their “Chicago Style Hot Dog” is a Vienna Beef dog with incredible toppings nestled between a poppy seed bun. We recommend getting their fries to go along with one of NYC’s best hot dogs to complete the perfect meal.


$$ American (Traditional), Pizza, Sandwiches

50 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012


8. Crif Dogs

two hot dogs on tray

Crif Dogs is located in the East Village and offers the best hot dogs in NYC for our night owl readers. Open from 5:00pm to 4:00am, you can order an assortment of delicious dogs—the Spicy Redneck and the Chihuahua being fan favorites. What really makes this place stand out is the secret speakeasy through Crif Dogs’ phone booth. Dial the number one to enter, but you didn’t hear that from us!

Crif Dogs

$ Hot Dogs, American (New)

113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009



7. Brooklyn Diner

hot dog on plate

If you’re looking for one of the best hot dogs in NYC, look no further. Brooklyn Diner is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great meal. This diner is known for their massive 15-Bite All Beef-Frankfurter. Between its length and weight (it’s almost one full pound!), it could easily feed two people. It also comes with a nice palette cleanser: fries and a side salad. Hot dogs are a great option, especially in New York, because they’re quick to make and an excellent on the go option. However, if you have time to sit down for your next meal, we highly suggest stopping here.

Brooklyn Diner

$$ Diners, American (New)

155 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036


6. Two Hands Corn Dogs

hot dog in a container

Corn dog lovers unite! Two Hands Corn Dogs offers Korean style street corn dogs, making a visit here a great experience with so many different options to choose from. Each corn dog is customizable– not only can you choose between the different meats (100% beef sausage, spicy beef sausage, or even a vegan option), but you can also choose different cheeses (half mozzarella/half sausage, full mozzarella, half mozzarella/half cheddar) and toppings to join in on the mouth-watering fun. The Spicy Dog, covered in their own spicy sauce and hot cheeto powder, is a must– especially when you pair it with their spicy beef sausage. Another fan favorite is the Injeolim Dog with mozzarella inside (make sure to add extra sugar on top)!

Two Hands Corn Dogs

$ Fast Food, Hot Dogs

147 Avenue A ssto, New York, NY 10009


5. Katz’s Deli

The Best Hot Dogs in NYC: hot dog from Katz's Delicatessen.

Katz’s Deli has been around since 1888 and has definitely learned a thing or two about serving one of the best hot dogs in NYC. Katz’s keeps it simple, serving one incredible all-beef hot dog with your choice of ketchup, mustard, relish, and sauerkraut. It’s a thick, delicious dog that will make you wonder how something this good could only be $3.95. Because Katz’s Deli is so famous and incredible, prepare to wait in line to enter the deli. But trust us– it’s worth the wait.

Katz’s Delicatessen

$$ Delis, Sandwiches, Caterers

205 East Houston Street New York City, 10002



4. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

The Best Hot Dogs in NYC

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Chelsea Market, its basement has less shops and crowds but just as incredible food as the main floor. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats has great quality beef that’s brought in from upstate, priding themselves on their hot dogs being 70% beef and 30% pork fat. Their famous dogs are smoked over hickory and apple wood, giving them a delicious and surprising flavor. Though there are many different toppings to choose from, the Japanese Kewpie mayo is an absolute must.

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

$$ Meat Shops, Butcher

75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011


3. Kings of Kobe

two hot dogs on a plate

Make a pit stop at Kings of Kobe if you’re looking for the best hot dogs in NYC. Their specialty is American wagyu beef burgers and hot dogs, making each bite equally wholesome and delicious. They have a great list of concoctions for your hot dog desires. The Chili Project is a fantastic chili dog but if you’re wanting something a little different, try the Frydom Fighter, a bacon wrapped and fried hot dog (say no more) with crispy onions and royal fry sauce.

Kings of Kobe

$$ Hot Dogs, Burgers, Bars

650 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036


2. Tony Dragon’s Grille

hot dog from Tony Dragon’s Grille

Tony Dragon’s Grille, a Mediterranean grab-and-go joint on the Upper East Side, might not be the first place one thinks to grab a grilled hot dog, but they definitely serve one of NYC’s best hot dogs. Parked on 62nd and Madison, the beautiful blue food truck with gorgeous violet flowers draped along the roof of the car will surely grab your attention, luring you over to have a once-over at the menu. From there, order both dogs: The NYC Tony Dog and the Gyspy Dog. The Tony has onions and peppers and will even make vegetable-fearing children want another bite. The Gyspy has a bit of a kick to it (thanks to the delicious chili moni) but don’t let that deter you from ordering one! 

Tony Dragon’s Grille


1. Schaller’s Stube

hot dog from Schaller’s Stube

What started as a butcher shop in 1937, catering to German immigrants’ need for a taste of home, has turned into a must stop shop for one of NYC’s best hot dogs. Schaller’s Stube’s food stand is the perfect place to grab a good meal on the way to your next NYC adventure or to spread out on one of their outdoor tables where you’ll catch up with friends, or enjoy the sounds of the city. Their menu has all sorts of creative combinations and meats to choose from and the pretzel buns are to die for. If you’re looking for a solid dog, go for The Classic, served with their mouthwatering horseradish mustard. Speechless is the only word that comes to mind when we think of the wursts served at Schaller’s Stube.

Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar

$$ German, Hot Dogs, Beer Bar

1652 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028