There’s no party like a pizza party! And our team has had the ultimate pizza party on our search for the best pizza in San Francisco. Lucky for you, we found what we were looking for and have compiled all the best pizzerias in our guide below.

Whether you like Detroit style or a classic Neapolitan pizza, want sit-down dining, or a quick lunch spot, this guide has all the perfect options for you. In other words, any way you slice it (see what we did there?), you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the best pizza in San Francisco.


17. Pizzeria Delfina

Prosciutto di Parma pizza from one of best pizza in San Francisco, Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina is a family-friendly pizzeria in the Pacific Heights neighborhood that has some of the best pizza in San Francisco. With a cross between New York and Naples pizza, Pizzeria Delfina is putting their unique spin on classic flavors. We recommend starting your meal off with some delicious burrata and arancini, then ordering the prosciutto di Parma pizza. This pie has a light white sauce, is topped with arugula and freshly sliced prosciutto that will melt in your mouth, drizzled with olive oil, and finished off with a pinch of sea salt.

Pizzeria Delfina

$$ Pizza, Italian

2406 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115


16. Paxti

A slice of Chicago Ultimate pizza from Paxti

Deep dish lovers: this one’s for you! Paxti has created some unreal Chicago-style pizza that is some of the best pizza in San Francisco, without a doubt. The Chicago Ultimate is our go-to here. This pie is stuffed with pepperonis, a yummy garlic-fennel sausage, a combination of savory herbs and veggies, and covered with just the right amount of their chunky tomato sauce. Our favorite part is the addition of kalamata olives, which add another dimension to the savory flavors. Warning! These pizzas are huge, so make sure to come hungry and bring someone to help you chow down.


$$ Pizza, Salad, Italian

511 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102


15. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Margarita pizza by Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

This tourist hot spot in North Beach is known for having some of the best pizza in San Francisco. With an impressive variety of pizza styles, our favorite style here is their award-winning Neapolitan. You simply have to order Tony’s Margherita pizza, crafted with a San Marzano sweet tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and a blistered, wood-fired crust. This classic Margherita pizza is a hot commodity, and Tony’s is only serving up 73 of them a day. Tony’s doesn’t take reservations, so get there at opening if you want to get your hands on one!

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

$$ Pizza, Italian, Cocktail Bars

1570 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133


14. Golden Boy

Best pizza in San Francisco, 2 square slices of pizza by Golden Boy

Golden Boy has been serving up their “San Francillian” style pizza since 1978, and we’re very grateful. Golden Boy’s San Francillian style, as one can imagine, is their spin on Sicilian pizza with a San Francisco twist. Their focaccia-like dough has a thicker base that supports the mountain of toppings on each slice. Get the combo slice which is packed with mild pepperonis, sausage, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and zucchini. SO good. If you’re thinking outside the (pizza) box, we also love the Clam and Garlic slice. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a tasty experience with some of the best pizza in San Francisco. Golden Boy is currently only doing take-out service, so we recommend grabbing a slice on the go, and heading around the corner to Washington Square Park for a relaxing picnic.

Golden Boy Pizza

$ Pizza, Italian

542 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133


13. Za Pizza

Best pizza in San Francisco: Za Pizza

Sometimes simple is best, and at Za Pizza, they live by this motto. Located in the Russian Hill neighborhood, Za Pizza is serving up some generously sized, simple slices for a great price. For less than $5, you can get a slice of pizza that’s as big as your head! These New York-style slices have the perfect balance of a doughy but crunchy crust, and their classic cheese slice will satisfy all your pizza cravings with its gooey blend of cheeses. Want a pizza with more toppings? Go for the veggie slice.


12. Pink Onion

a spicy pepperoni pizza paired with chili peppers, garlic, and red onions by Pink Onion

If you consider yourself to be a pizza enthusiast, you must try this hole-in-the-wall spot in the Mission District, Pink Onion. Pink Onion is changing the pizza game with their contemporary-casual dining. Order the Pink Fire Alarm, a spicy pepperoni pizza made complete with chile peppers, garlic, and (our favorite) red onions, which give a refreshing sweetness to the pie. Feeling extra spicy? Add their chili oil on top to really turn the heat up! Don’t walk—RUN to get this spicy sensation of a pizza!

Pink Onion

$$ Pizza, Italian, Gastropubs

64 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


11. Little Star

All Star, a meat-lovers pizza from the Best pizzas in San Francisco - Little Star

Located on Valencia Street in the Mission District, Little Star has a well-deserved spot on our guide to the best pizza in San Francisco with their delicious deep dish. Little Star has a great indoor dining area that has a rustic modern feel to it where they serve personal deep dish pizzas for just $11! We highly recommend getting the All Star—a meat-lovers dream! Topped with bacon, housemade meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, and a tasty provolone cheese. For a veggie-friendly option, get the Little Star, a red-sauced, spinach-blended pizza with ricotta, feta, mushrooms, and onions. Don’t forget to add roasted garlic for extra flavor!

Little Star Pizza

$$ Pizza, Bars, Italian

400 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103


10. Gioia

Gioia's Salsiccia slice - Best pizza in San Francisco

If you’re looking for a low-key spot to grab a slice, head to Gioia, a family-owned pizzeria that serves up classic New York-style slices for under $5. We recommend getting the salsiccia slice. Their salsiccia slice is full of flavor with its housemade Sicilian sausage, pickled jalapenos, and sweet tomato sauce. This is the type of slice you have to fold in half and do a 45-degree head tilt to get the perfect bite, and we’re here for it. Order a slice to-go and enjoy it at the nearby Alamo Square Park. Here, you can enjoy your pizza with a picturesque view of the iconic Victorian homes known as the Painted Ladies.

Gioia Pizzeria

$$ Pizza, Desserts, American (Traditional)

579 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102


9. Slice House

a slice of purple haze by Slice House

If you’re looking for unique flavor combos, head straight to Slice House for some of the best pizza in San Francisco. At Slice House, they’ve combined some of the most incredible flavors into one tasty slice called the Purple Haze. The Purple Haze is a thin slice of pizza covered with purple potatoes, pesto, feta cheese, and a blend of savory herbs, and then drizzled with zesty garlic oil. Everything about this slice is fantastic, but the crunch from the potatoes is the star of the show! Slice House is great for a quick and affordable lunch option while exploring the Haight.

Slice House


8. A16

A16's Arrabbiata pizza - Best pizza in San Francisco

With so many Italian restaurants in San Francisco, finding an authentic spot can be tough. Luckily, A16 is taking our taste buds on a trip to Italy with their delicious offerings. Start your meal off with their braised meatballs and freshly baked bread. After, order the Arrabbiata pizza which had some of the fluffiest pizza dough you’ll ever experience. The best part of this pie, though, is the thick cubes of pancetta that add a burst of flavor with each bite. A16, also has the most hands-on experience by letting guests cut their own pizza, just like they do in Italy! A16 is a little pricier than other spots on our guide, but it is absolutely worth it to enjoy some of the best pizza in San Francisco.

$$$ Italian, Pizza

2355 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123


7. Delarosa

Delarosa's Bartender pizza

There is an abundance of pizza options in the Marina neighborhood, but Delarosa is the best. They specialize in Roman-style, which is a thinner style of pizza. Our go-to here is the Bartender pizza which is loaded with burrata, olives, spicy fennel sausage, and calabrese chilies. The amalgamation of ingredients sits perfectly atop their soft, chewy crust. Visiting Delarosa on the weekend? Their brunch pizza is a must-have! With carbonara pancetta, a creamy cheese sauce, and two sunny-side-up eggs, it will be the highlight of your weekend. Make a reservation online beforehand to avoid long wait times. Delarosa is the perfect spot for a weekend catch-up with the girls or a date night. Bonus points for their fantastic music selection, that will have you head-bopping along during your whole meal.

Delarosa – Marina

$$ Italian, Cocktail Bars, Pizza

2175 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123


6. DamnFine

The Sunset pizza by the Best pizza in San Francisco - DamnFine

On a sunny day in San Francisco, we love to head over to Damnfine to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean and a slice of pizza. When visiting Damnfine you must try their vegetarian pizza, The Sunset. This white pie is topped with roasted squash, radicchio, and mushrooms. The sweetness of the squash paired with the bitterness of the radicchio is a match made in heaven, especially when combined with their housemade jalapeño bechamel sauce. The blend of mozzarella and Point Reyes Toma cheese also amplifies all the deliciousness. And just when you think this pizza can’t get any better, they add freshly shredded pecorino and drizzle hot honey over the entire thing! Damnfine has found a way to not only balance these unique flavors but make it one of the best slices of pizza in San Francisco.


$$ Pizza, Salad

3410 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122


5. Fiorella

Fiorella: Salsiccia pizza by Best pizzas in San Francisco

Fiorella’s is one of the best pizza spots in SF for casual dining. Regardless of what you order you are in for a treat but we recommend getting the salsiccia pizza. This pie features delicious housemade sausage, little chunks of calabrian chilis, and a fluffy, charred crust. Honestly, their crust alone could earn them a spot on our guide to the best pizza in San Francisco. Ask for a side of chili oil and fresh parm to take your pizza to the next level and make sure to book a reservation because wait times can be long at all three of their SF locations.


$$ Italian, Pizza, Wine Bars

2339 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121



4. Joyride

Square slices of pizza from Joyride

When you visit Joyride, you can be confident that you’re about to experience some of the best pizza in San Francisco. We love Joyride for their unique flavor selection and thick crust coated with charred cheesy goodness. If you’re a fan of pineapple on pizza, you must try Joyride’s Sweet Heat Pineapple which is their rendition of a Hawaiian pizza. With fresh, juicy pineapple and delicious serrano and sweet peppers, you just might be converted to Team Pineapple on Pizza if you weren’t a fan before. The Garden Goddess and Zoe ‘Roni Pepperoni are also fantastic choices. Don’t forget to ask for a side of Mike’s Hot Honey to drizzle on top of your pizza—once you try it, you may never go without.


$$ Pizza, Salad

411 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103


3. Flour + Water

burrata pie by Flour and Water

If you’re a foodie, you’re probably familiar with the Flour + Water pasta shop. However, we are happy to report that Flour + Water pizzeria is just as amazing and an absolutely essential stop on your tour of the best pizza in San Francisco! We are big fans of their burrata pie. Each slice comes with an individual dollop of burrata, making each bite just as good as the first. If you’re a fan of spice, you must add their homemade chili oil on top. It’s to die for. They are currently only open for outdoor dining and have extended their hours to include weekend lunch.

Flour and Water

$$$ Italian, Pizza

2401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110


2. Del Popolo

Bianca pizza by Del Popolo one of the Best pizzas in San Francisco

Looking for a new date night spot? Head to this hidden gem and enjoy some of the best pizza in San Francisco. From the moment you walk into Del Popolo, the aroma of dough and red sauce will transport your taste buds to a happy place. Del Popolo’s indoor dining area offers dinner and a show, as guests can watch the chefs crafting their pizza. However, the real treat here is Del Popolo’s outdoor patio. This little garden oasis will make you forget you’re in the middle of the busy city! Get the Bianca pizza—a white pizza with a creamy blend of ricotta and mozzarella cheese. The bursts of garlic, fresh basil, and their housemade sausage take this already-delicious pie over the top.

Del Popolo

1. Square Pie Guys

Best pizza in San Francisco - Detroit-style by Square Pie Guys

Without question, Square Pie Guys offers the best pizza in San Francisco and needs to be added to your foodie bucket list immediately. Their 6×8 pie is unlike any other pepperoni pizza you’ve tried before. This Detroit-style masterpiece has everything you could want out of a pizza—an Instagram-worthy cheese pull, perfect crust, and exactly 48 pepperoni cups with a little hint of spice. You’ll be craving more by the time it’s gone (if not sooner). They are currently closed for indoor seating, so be sure to order ahead for pickup if you want to get your hands on this pie! 

Square Pie Guys

$$ Pizza, Chicken Wings, Salad

1077 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103