There are few things in life that bring people together like pizza. Whether you like deep dish or thin crust, gluten-free or sourdough, there is a perfect slice of pizza out there for almost everyone. It is the food we all turn to like a dependable friend. We have a deep love for pizza and want to share our pizza knowledge and recommendations in this guide to the 10 best pizza restaurants in Seattle.

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10. Rocco’s

best pizza in seattle: Rocco's

Come hungry, or bring a few friends, because the pizzas at Rocco’s are enormous! These 20″ New York-style pizzas are cut into 8 generous slices. The restaurant maintains an old-school pizza bar vibe, which only compliments the pizza-eating experience. Since the pizzas are so large, this restaurant is ideal for a group looking for a good time and good food in Seattle. The menu has enough choices to suit anyone’s preference, and you can order a two-half combination if you’re wanting more variety.


$$ Bars, Pizza

2312 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 397-4210

9. Pagliacci

Pagliacci's Chicken Prime and PSR Combo pizza

The most “chain-like” pizza spot on our guide to the best pizza in Seattle is Pagliacci, with locations scattered all around the greater Seattle area. Pagliacci was founded in Seattle in 1979 and has expanded by popular demand ever since. With three size options and pizza by the slice available, this is definitely our go-to casual pizza spot regardless of how many mouths you’re trying to feed. Some of our tried and true menu items include the Chicken Prime and PSR Combo. Whether you want to dine-in or order takeout, Pagliacci will never disappoint.

Pagliacci Pizza

$$$ Pizza

415 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 726-1717

8. DeLaurenti

best pizza in seattle: DeLaurenti

We love a pizza-by-the-slice moment, and the best place for it in Seattle is at the gourmet Italian grocery store, DeLaurenti, in Pike Place Market. Topping options include cheese, pepperoni, and a seasonal slice that is always incredible. High quality is a given as the pizzas are made with ingredients sold inside the shop. DeLaurenti is a foodie’s dream, and there is no better way to wander around their sky-high shelves of pasta, olives, and balsamic than while munching on a fresh slice of pizza.

DeLaurenti Food & Wine

$$ Beer, Wine & Spirits, Cafes, International Grocery

1435 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101


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7. Serious Pie

oval-shaped pizzas from Serious Pie

If you’ve explored the Seattle food scene for even a minute, chances are you’ve come across at least one of Tom Douglas’s well-loved restaurants. For some of the best pizza in Seattle, you’ll want to make yourself a reservation at one of the three Serious Pie locations. The toppings on these oval-shaped pizzas are bright and fresh, and every creation on the menu is excellent. Don’t forget to end your meal with a slice of their famous triple coconut cream pie.

Serious Pie Downtown

$$ Pizza, Salad, Bars

2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 838-7388

6. Von’s 1000 Spirits

Wood Oven Roasted Wild Mushroom pizza by Von's 1000 Spirits

Just around the corner from Pike Place Market is one of our favorite sit-down restaurants to escape the tourists and taste some of the best pizza in Seattle. Von’s 1000 Spirits is doing it right with their sourdough pizzas. The menu changes slightly depending on the season, but there are always some funky creations for more adventurous eaters. We love the wood oven roasted wild mushroom pizza with black garlic ricotta and sundried tomato jam. The restaurant has plenty of seating, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pizza night with friends.

Von’s 1000 Spirits

$$ American (New), Burgers, Pubs

1225 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 621-8667

5. Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill's Rebel Rebel pizza

Small but mighty pizza spot, Sunny Hill, located in North Seattle, is making a name for itself with Detroit-style square pizzas. Their menu and pizza toppings change often to highlight local, in-season produce. Everything on the menu is so tempting, you simply have to go more than once to truly experience all that this restaurant has to offer. We are obsessed with the crusty, nearly-burnt cheese exterior that supports a beautifully thick crust and superb toppings. The Rebel Rebel pizza has a wonderful balance of creamy stracchino cheese paired with smoked prosciutto.

Sunny Hill

$$ Pizza, Burgers

3127 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 659-0355

4. Lupo

best pizza in seattle: Lupo

Lupo is a quaint pizza restaurant in Fremont. It is dimly lit and adorned with glittering chandeliers, making it perfect for date night. Sit at the bar for a fantastic view of the open kitchen where you can watch in awe as the chefs prepare dough, dress salads, and swing fresh pizza out of the flaming oven. The pizza crust is thin on the bottom with a thick and aerated outside crust that is achieved with the use of sourdough. It is chewy and flavorful and definitely worthy of being among the best pizzas in Seattle.

$$ Pizza, Bars, Italian

4303 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 547-2144

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3. Windy City Pie

Windy City Pie's Chicago-style pizza, The Omnivore

A deep dish like no other, Windy City Pie is bringing Chicago-style pizza to the greater Seattle area. A sweet and spongy crust with a caramelized cheesy edge is the perfect vessel for all those classic pizza toppings. You can build your own, but we recommend selecting from their tried and true menu selection. The Omnivore is a crowd-pleaser, but you can also try one of their more unique creations. Deep dish takes 45 minutes to bake, but you can pre-order for either dine-in or takeout to get a jump start on your wait time in the restaurant.

Windy City Pie

$$ Pizza, Bars, Italian

5918 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 486-4743

2. Mioposto

Spring Lamb topped with mint-basil salsa, goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and fresh mint by Mioposto

Mioposto is a beautifully bright restaurant with phenomenal open-flame pizzas. Even with four locations in the Seattle area, the wait for dinner on the weekend can get pretty long, so we recommend Mioposto for lunch to enjoy some of our favorite Seattle pizza without the crowd. Their pizza combinations are creative but elegant. If you’re in the mood for something you probably have not tried before, order the Spring Lamb topped with mint-basil salsa, goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and fresh mint. Another Female Foodie favorite is the Zuca Balsamica with roasted butternut squash, pancetta, caramelized onion, goat cheese, and a balsamic reduction. Are you drooling yet?

Mioposto Pizzeria

$$ Italian, Pizza, Breakfast & Brunch

3426 NE 55th St, Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 582-1899

1. Delancey

best pizza in seattle: Delancey

Do yourself a favor and plan a visit to the best wood-fired pizza spot in all of Seattle. Delancey only takes reservations for large groups of six or more, otherwise, they are happy to accommodate walk-ins. Make sure to check their website for current hours, but they are usually open for dinner Tuesday – Sunday. Delancey has set the standard for pizza in the PNW with a delicate but chewy crust, bright sauces, and quality toppings. The restaurant is intimate and cozy, with the smell of baked dough and melting cheese permeating the room. Their pizzas are simple but done to perfection, and we are 100% in love.


$$ Pizza, Salad, Cocktail Bars

1415 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117