Top 10 Sandwiches in Salt Lake City

The sandwich is one of the most iconic, staple foods in the U.S., and there is no shortage of great sandwich offerings in SLC. Give us almost anything between two slices of bread and we’ll eat it (#carbsRus). This guide to the best sandwiches in Salt Lake City covers everything from turkey avocado sandos to banh mis to Jewish sandwiches piled sky-high with meat– all delicious and worth visiting during your next lunch meeting or dinner with the family.


10. Desert Edge Brewery: Turkey & Avocado

For a no frills, downright delicious turkey & avocado sandwich, look no further than Desert Edge Brewery, otherwise known to locals as “The Pub”. My family and I have been frequenting this Ute hangout since the beginning of time and can come to The Pub and expect the same delicious turkey avocado every single time. Stop by Trolley Square during your next visit to the east side of town and stroll into Desert Edge for a bite to eat during lunch or dinner hours.

Desert Edge Brewery at The Pub

$$$$ Pubs, Breweries, American (New)

273 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (801) 521-8917

The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Salt Lake City

Eat your way across the Wasatch Front with restaurants recommendations you can trust. Because life’s too short to eat bad food.

9. Even Stevens: Sprang Chicken

There are many great menu items at Even Stevens, but truth be told, I keep coming back for the Sprang Chicken over and over again. This hearty and wholesome #eat2give concoction has chicken, provolone, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and honey mustard served on wheat ciabatta with a touch of love. Even Stevens now has 8 locations in Utah and 4 alone in the Salt Lake Valley! Be sure to grab one of their chocolate chip cookies to enjoy with your sandwich.

Even Stevens Sandwiches

$$$$ Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch, Salad

414 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 385-355-9105

8. Oh Mai: Honey Glazed Pork Sandwich

While Salt Lake City isn’t flooded with a huge Asian influence when it comes to the foodie scene, Oh Mai is a great option for delicious Vietnamese dining, and with that comes their beautiful banh mi sandwiches! If you’re not familiar with a Vietnamese banh mi, it’s a always prepared with a baguette and filled with meat, vegetables, and sometimes chili peppers. The most popular and my personal favorite banh mi at Oh Mai is the “S2”, otherwise known as the honey glazed pork sandwich. Prepared with garlic butter, oiled scallions, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, black pepper, jalapeño, and chili-lime fish vinaigrette. They have multiple locations but my favorite is the restaurant just off of 3300 south.

Oh Mai Sandwich Kitchen South Salt Lake

$$$$ Vietnamese, Sandwiches

3425 S State St Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (801) 467-6882

7. Tulie Bakery: Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil

The Italians were doing something right when they decided that mozzarella, tomato, and basil would make one beautiful food baby. I could literally eat any variation of this basic combination every day, and one of the best ways is in panini form at Tulie Bakery. I will never forget the first time my mother took me here to try what now continues to be my favorite bakery in Salt Lake City, and I’ll never forget sinking into my first bite of this beautiful tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich served with the perfect touch of oil and vinegar. This is the best caprese sandwich in SLC.

Tulie Bakery

$$$$ Bakery, Coffee & Tea

863 East 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 801-883-9741

6. Moochie’s: Philly Cheesesteak

If you’re in search of the absolute best cheesesteak sandwich in Salt Lake City (or in UT for that matter), look no further. Moochies does an INCREDIBLE job of throwing together one of the most flavorful, savory, perfectly philly cheesesteaks you will ever get your hands on. Be sure to start small (their 6″ subs are bigger than you’d expect) and grab a couple sides of their jalapeño cream sauce. We are also equally obsessed with their namesake sandwich, the meatball sub. Bring your BFF and split half of each.

Moochie’s Meatballs and More!

$$$$ Italian, Cheesesteaks

232 E 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801-596-1350

5. Tony Caputo’s: The Caputo

If you’re looking for a sandwich in Salt Lake City that has some of the best high quality meats, Caputo’s is the place to be. Tony Caputo’s is a gourmet market that I like to come to for specialty meats, cheeses, chocolate, olive oil, etc. The employees here are incredibly knowledgable and will help you find exactly you’re looking for, and situated beside the market is a Deli that serves up fantastic sandwiches. I recommend their most popular sandwich, The Caputo- prosciutto, mortadella, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, olive oil, and balsamic. Aside from their downtown location you can find them in the 15th and 15th neighborhood or in Holladay.

Caputo’s Market & Deli Downtown

$$$$ Specialty Food, Delis, Sandwiches

314 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 801-531-8669


4. Bocata: Cuban Pork

After years of serving up fantastic sandwiches in Salt Lake City, I still consider Bocata a hidden gem. Situated inside the food court in City Creek Center, Bocata serves some of the most delicious homemade sandwiches you will ever try. While I have almost a dozen “favorite” items on the menu at Bocata, be sure to order the Cuban Pork Sandwich. You will die over this citrus braised pork shoulder served with pickled red onion, cilantro, jalapeño, and aioli.

Bocata (City Creek Food Court)

$$$$ Sandwiches, Soup

28 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801-521-2012

3. Pretty Bird Chicken: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Pretty Bird Chicken is one of the best things to hit the Salt Lake City dining scene in a long time and they’re doing it with their life-changing hot chicken. They keep things simple with two menu items, one being their enormous and delicious fried chicken sandwich. Pretty Bird serves this southern favorite on a buttered bun with slaw, pickles, and Pretty Bird Sauce. Try to arrive when the restaurant opens at 11:00 for lunch or around 5:00 for dinner if you want to avoid the lines or missing out on a sandwich (limited quantity).

Pretty Bird – Downtown

$$$$ Southern, Fried Chicken

146 Regent St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

2. Freshie’s Lobster Co.: Lobster Roll

I recently had a reader tell me that Freshie’s was one of the “best bites” they had ever had, and I echo that statement. You’d think that a fresh, delicious lobster roll would be nothing more than a dream in land-locked Salt Lake City, but thanks to our friends at Freshie’s, they make this dream a reality. One bite of this lobster roll and you’ll be completely addicted to the combination of fresh lobster topped with butter and served on a traditional New England style bun. Freshie’s has been one of our favorite Park City Restaurants for a long time and we’re thrilled to welcome their newest brick and mortar location to the Salt Lake City Valley.

Freshies Lobster Salt Lake City

$$$$ Seafood

356 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (801) 829-1032

1. Feldman’s Deli: Sloppy Joe

Owners Janet and Mike Feldman run one of the only traditional Jewish style delis that you can find for miles and, not surprisingly, they serve some of the absolute best sandwiches you will have in your life. The most popular item at Feldman’s is the Sloppy Joe, and this isn’t the same one that your mom probably made for you. Served with pastrami, corned beef, thousand island dressing, and slaw all on Jewish rye bread, this sandwich is downright amazing. Feldman’s has a spot on our list of best restaurants in SLC because it’s just that good. Not a fan of pastrami? Try the Trisha and thank me later.

Feldman’s Deli

$$$$ Sandwiches, Jewish Deli

2005 E 2700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 801-906-0369


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  1. What about Oh Mai sandwiches? Their curry chicken bahn-mi is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. And ya, I love Bocata too! 🙂

    1. Absolutely LOVE oh mai, but I didn’t really incorporate bahn mis into this post. Stay tuned for some features on our fav south east asian restaurants 🙂

  2. So glad you like Village Baker. There is a new one in The District… Go for the vegie on sourdough, extra tomatoes. We are on our way there for lunch.

  3. Don’t visit downtown SLC without stopping in at The Robin’s Nest. Local, family-owned, and delicious. That’s Robin herself making your sandwich from her own unique recipes. You’ll waddle away with a full and satisfied tummy. ????

    1. Hi KB! I actually used to have the Robin’s Nest on this post, but took it off after updating. I do think they make great sandwiches! But I narrowed the list to my top favorites just this fall. Thank you for reading!

The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Salt Lake City

Eat your way across the Wasatch Front with restaurants recommendations you can trust. Because life’s too short to eat bad food.