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A fellow culinary student from my program recommended Bird Bakery to me months ago. Usually I have zero reservations about sprinting to a new place the first chance I get, but something about buying a house and moving threw a wrench in my typical timeline for these things. Today, I made it my friends, babies in tow and all. The whole experience was quite delightful, the bakery is just beautiful.

I appreciate a well done business even more so when the food is well crafted. A craft well done is the perfect way to describe the method of baking here.

Family recipes, no additives, scratch made on-site, nothing artificial and did I mention family recipes? There is something pretty cool about sharing food someone else’s family poured their heart into. The service really drives that point home; staff and owner were present and oh so kind to our crazy-town bunch.

I have had many a cupcake in my day from cities coast to coast, and these hang with the very best of them. There’s a hard balance to hit with crumb, density and savoriness of the cake and they hit it, no doubt. Buttercream was the yin to the yang –  light, just sweet enough and buttery.

I also had their sea salt peanut butter bar which (disclaimer: salt sprinkled sweet things, I love mucho) was a light fluffy peanut butter mousse between chocolate and a cookie. I couldn’t stop with the fluffy peanut butter mousse, it was a little embarrassing. It was very rich so it’s a “pick-me-up in the middle of the day because I haven’t eaten in hours” kind of bar. Or more simply, share with a pal. They also have great breakfast and lunch pairings that I can not wait to go back try immediately, no house and move standing in my way now. 

Bird Bakery (5912 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX // 210.804.2473)

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