Bistro Dal Barone

Bistro Dal Barone. A recommendation from the hotel concierge while I was
spending a weekend in Amsterdam. It was the restaurant “just around the corner.”
It was freezing out and Italian sounded perfect. Amsterdam- another one of those
“melting pot” cities. Great varieties of food from everywhere.  Started with some
delicious focaccia bread and hot chocolate.
The main deal.  Comparable to some of the delicious pasta tasted in Italy.
Spaghetti with fresh basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella.
[Make this at home.]
A very cozy place in a quaint location just outside of downtown Amsterdam.
The only downfall of this eating experience was seeing (after having ordered
and eaten) the owner’s cat lurking around the corner. This, unfortunately, would
probably prevent me from returning. Pity. Their food was so delicious.

Great window seating for people watching, reading, etc.

Bistro Dal Barone
Beethovenstraat 16
1077 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 20 679 6072

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  1. Isn’t that European, to have an animal lurking around the corner. If I ever make it to Amsterdam I will eat here, even if the cat has been around.