Female Foodie Kansas City: Bloom Baking Co.I’m a sucker for macarons. I honestly can’t remember the first time I tried them, but I quickly learned to hunt down every place that sold them near me wherever I was … that is until I learned I was allergic to almonds. Despite the fact that macarons are made of almond flour (it still hurts me to know this), I still hunt them down, just less often than I used to. Heck, I had these things at my wedding knowing that I couldn’t eat a ton so I really must love them.

Female Foodie Kansas City: Bloom Baking Co.So, when I moved out to Kansas City, I naturally went looking for them again. We were looking in the River Market area for apartments when we stumbled upon the best farmer’s market area–and found Bloom Baking Co. We were naturally pretty excited about this and stumbled in the door. Lo and behold, there were beautiful little rainbow rows of macarons, as well as loafs of bread, french pastries, tarts, and other delicious and delectable items. And though these precious little guys are pretty pricey, they are so delicious.

And definitely worth  the allergic reaction I get when I eat them!

Female Foodie Kansas City: Bloom Baking Co.

Female Foodie Kansas City: Bloom Baking Co.Bloom Baking Co. has a lot of other options, so go ahead and try any number of tarts, croissants, or french bread they make fresh every day in store. And while you are there, you can even watch them create their masterpieces through the window of their store. Even better, visit for lunch and get some of your favorite sandwiches on some of the best bread in KC. And for dessert? A macaron or two.

Female Foodie Kansas City: Bloom Baking Co.Bloom Baking Co. (15 E 3rd Street, Kansas City, MO // 816.283.8437)