San Francisco: Bob’s Donuts

If you were to pick one place in San Francisco to get donuts, where would it be?? I certainly haven’t tried enough to confidently answer that question, but I CAN say that if you don’t stop at Bob’s you are missing out on classic and quality donuts. Bob’s is an experience that feels like time travel- an old donut shop in San Fran’s great Nob Hill district. They have an old school dipping system (vats of icing everywhere yessss), a gorgeous front case to boast their house made pastries, and the sweetest employees you will ever encounter.

Make your way to Bob’s, grab yourself a dozen, and tell Sonia I say hi. Bob’s donuts are CHEAP (only $1 a piece- am I crazy or does this seem too reasonable for swanky SF??), fresh, and delicious. My personal favorites were the donut holes and crumb donuts. Enjoy!

Bob’s Donuts (1621 Polk Street, San Francisco // 415.776.3141)

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