Female Foodie Las Vegas: BouchonBouchon of Las Vegas. After ramshackling my way through dozens of recommendations for breakfast in Vegas, I noticed that Bouchon was at the top of that list. So on our first morning here in Vegas, I made my way solo (husband working) to the Venetian and wandered my way around the place until I found Bouchon. Let me first note that this is a gorgeous restaurant, with beautiful interior, large bright windows, and a gorgeous aesthetic. You will literally feel like a queen as you enter this famous establishment of Chef Thomas Keller. He’s also the creator behind The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Per Se in New York City, and now Bouchon & Bouchon Bakery in both Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Needless to say, there was a lot of hype behind my breakfast and I could hardly wait.

Female Foodie Las Vegas: BouchonFemale Foodie Las Vegas: BouchonDear: Chef Keller,

First thing’s first, you’ve got a really gorgeous space (truly). I was smitten by the beauty of Bouchon at first sight. I went with my server’s suggestion and ordered the ever famous Croque Madame for breakfast, because there’s nothing like toasted ham and cheese on homemade brioche served with a fried egg and sauce Mornay. Your brioche WAS divine and the Croque Madame WAS quite delicious. In truth, I inhaled the thing in what seemed to be less than three bites. I am, however disappointed that for $18.95 my beautiful Croque Madame was surrounded by freezer french fries (confirmed by waitress). Not only was this very surprising and realistically overpriced (IMHO), but the fries themselves were worse than ones I could find at McDonald’s. I appreciate the thought and delicateness of the Croque Madame- everything from the flavor to presentation was perfect. Hope that for $18.95 I’ll be privy to hand cut fries next time. All in all, a positive dining experience and one that I’ll keep my foodie heart open to. I’m hopeful that next time I come back, things will be better.

Best, Brooke Eliason

Female Foodie Las Vegas: BouchonIMG_1738 Bouchon (3355 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV // 702.414.6200)