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When my Bountiful-native husband and I were dating, he swore that the local smoothie shop, Keva Juice, was way better than Jamba Juice. I was a true Caribbean passion lover, and had my serious doubts about his statement.

But, after a few visits to the famed Keva Juice, I started to side with him. Don’t get me wrong; I still love a good Jamba run. But, Keva Juice really has taken over the number one spot in my book for smoothies.

While Keva Juice can now be found in 7 states, the original store opened in Bountiful in the mid-90s. One aspect I love about Keva Juice is the free supplement with each smoothie. You can choose from a list of supplements including “vita-gizer” (all recommended vitamins and minerals), “immuni-gizer” (powerful antioxidants and key defense vitamins), “keva-gizer” (a supplement containing bee pollen, ginseng, gingko, and wheat germ that energizes the body and mind — my personal favorite), and others.

Another unique thing about Keva Juice is that there is just one size — 24 0z. of smoothie for under $5! But, not only is the price good, but the quality is top notch!

The list of smoothies range from berry blends and tropical twists to non-dairy juices, energy smoothies (containing Monster energy drinks) and even a little treat for chocolate lovers with shakes like “Oreo Speedwagon.” And, you can add spinach to any smoothie as well.

The most popular smoothies are the keva kahuna (a smoothie combining lemon & mango juice, pineapple and peach sorbet, peaches and strawberries) or the tribal princess (a blend of apple, mango, orange, peach, and strawberries).

There’s also a shout out to local high schools with such smoothies as “Brave Rave,” “Wicked Wildcat” and “Victorious Viking.”

My favorite Keva Juice smoothies are the Hawaiian Holiday (I looooove tropical smoothies) and the Liquid Olympian, a non-dairy smoothie that uses honey as its sweetener and has three supplements to give you a little boost.

So, if you find yourself wanting a nice, refreshing smoothie, be sure to get off the 500 South exit in Bountiful and try Keva Juice — a local favorite.

Keva Juice Utah

$$$$ Juice Bars & Smoothies

45 500 S, Bountiful, UT 84010 801-294-5482

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