Top 10 Bozeman Restaurants By A Foodie

I love Bozeman. If you’ve been following us at Female Foodie for a while you know that the birthplace of this little blog was during my summers in West Yellowstone. After spending months in that little pocket over several years I also grew to love Bozeman. Bozeman was always the “big city” my friends and I would go to for the mall, Costco, the airport, the movies, you name it. Which is kind of laughable because if you know Bozeman at all it isn’t a “big” city by any means but a great city nonetheless. Despite the fact there are a lot of options when it comes to Bozeman restaurants. I’ve rounded up a list of the very BEST places to eat. Please note that this is not a list of the most popular or most hyped Bozeman restaurants.


10. El Rodeo Taco Truck

For one of the best inexpensive places to eat in Bozeman and for killer authentic Mexican tacos, look no further than the El Rodeo taco truck. The food here is truly no frills but it completely hits the spot. Stick with tacos and try the el pastor or carnitas next time you need a new lunch spot. El Rodeo Taco Truck (2121 W Main Street, Bozeman, MT // 406.551.3463)

9. The Nova Cafe

Talk to anyone about Bozeman restaurants who has passed through or visited and they’ll likely mention The Nova Cafe. The Nova Cafe is a great spot for a reliable, classic breakfast or brunch. Serving everything from waffles to “nomelettes” to pancakes, this Bozeman favorite is definitely a great spot for any crowd. I recommend the huevos rancheros (pictured)- flour tortilla with black bean chili, two sunny side up eggs, and pepper jack cheese topped with salsa sour cream, and corn tortilla strips. The Nova Cafe (312 E Main St, Bozeman, MT // 406.587.3973)

8. Whistle Pig Korean

When you imagine the type of food you can find at Bozeman restaurants, Korean probably doesn’t come to mind … or at least not initially. But rest assured that Whistle Pig Korean, serving up classic Korean food and Korean rice bowls is some of the best food you can find in Bozeman. Tucked away off of Wilson Avenue, Whistle Pig is a great spot for something unique and flavorful. For your first visit I highly recommend the bibimap- your choice of meat (go with the bulgogi beef) with seasoned fresh vegetables, a fried over easy egg, fermented chili paste, served over a bed of rice. So. Stinking. Delicious. Whistle Pig Korean (25 N Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT // 406.404.1224)

7. Cateye Cafe

If you’re wondering if there are several breakfast/brunch features on this list then the answer is YES. You can’t find a more cozy and inviting Bozeman restaurant than the Cateye Cafe. Right downtown this local favorite serves breakfast and lunch seven days each week. They have so many menu favorites but we recommend that regardless of what you order be sure to try the banana bread french toast! Cateye Cafe (23 N Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT // 406.587.8844)

6. Plonk

Although Plonk is known for and loved by many for their extensive drink menu, it’s unquestionably one of the best Bozeman restaurants. Situated right on Main Street in Bozeman, this is a great place for date night, dinner out with friends, or something refreshing for lunch. Plonk is constantly changing their menu so be sure to ask your server what the best menu items are for up to date recommendations. Plonk (29 E Main St, Bozeman, MT // 406.587.2170)

5. Roost Fried Chicken

A fairly newcomer to the Bozeman restaurants scene, Roost Fried Chicken is without doubt one of the best places to eat in town. Close to Bozeman High School, this fast casual restaurant serves AMAZING fried chicken! So delicious. And you better believe that you can order with alllll of the Southern sides including homemade biscuits, collard greens, cheese grits (personal fav), and so many more. Roost Fried Chicken (4010, 1520 W Main St, Bozeman, MT // 406.404.1475)

4. Pizza Campania

Just behind the fairgrounds, Pizza Campania is situated in a beautifully lit open space serving wood-fired Italian Pizzas with classic Neapolitan ingredients. There are plenty of great menu options but we recommend the Spaisi Miele (salami, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, pepperocini, honey, and parsley) or the Lombardo (prosciutto, arugula, parmesan). Pizza Campania (1285 N Rouse Ave, Bozeman, MT // 406.404.1270)

3. Dave’s Sushi

Dave’s Sushi has been known as one of the best Bozeman restaurants for a long time and for good reason. If you’re looking for sushi in Bozeman this is 100% the place you should go to! Here you can find creative and unique rolls served in a laid back setting. Everything from Dave’s has always been a home run but we recommend trying a few sushi rolls and nigiri for the best of what their menu has to offer. Dave’s Sushi (115 N Bozeman Ave, Bozeman, MT // 406.556.1351)

2. Jam!

Breakfast & Bozeman. They just go hand in hand. And Jam is our absolute favorite spot for an early morning bite in the city. Jam earns a high spot on our list of Bozeman restaurants for the great service, hip digs (yes, I did just use the word “hip”), but more than anything the delicious menu. We recommend starting with the blueberry ricotta pancake one your first visit- picture a buttermilk pancake topped with blueberry gastrique, blueberries, lemon ricotta mascarpone, toasted hazelnuts, and powdered sugar. You’re welcome. Jam! (25 W Main St, Bozeman, MT // 406.585.1761)

1. Blackbird

If you only have one spot for really great food while sifting and sorting through Bozeman restaurants, we highly recommend dining at Blackbird. Blackbird is a gorgeous restaurant with a casual ambiance that serves homemade pasta, wood fired pizza, local meats, and salads & small plates. You cannot go wrong with any menu offerings but we recommend trying something from the pizza or pasta menu for your first visit. Blackbird (140 E Main St, Bozeman, MT // 406.586.0010)


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