Female Foodie Salt Lake City: BudsFemale Foodie Salt Lake City: Buds I loved this painted brick in front of Buds, a local vegan fast serve sandwich shop located just a few blocks from the heart of Salt Lake City. I had passed Buds literally one million times before taking the time to stop by and have a bite, but finally decided to once I was curating my list of top 10 sandwiches in SLC, suspecting that their veggie sandwich would make the perfect final touch. It was.

Something I didn’t realize about Buds, is that their service is  window side only. I love this concept and, although SLC has its lesser ideal days in terms of weather, spring has sprung and I was elated to enjoy this veggie delight on an overcast and foggy day outside. The cashier was extremely friendly and made several recommendations, most of which involved vegan “meats”.

Confession: I am just not there yet.

A meat lover through and through, and I can’t help to think what the vegan “meat” is actually made of, non GMO/organic/peta approved or not.

Female Foodie Salt Lake City: BudsFemale Foodie Salt Lake City: Buds If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for delicious veggie sandwiches, so I figured their “fresh veggie” would be a good start.

Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, red onion, spring greens, carrot, sprouts, and fresh guacamole sandwiched between thick slices of organic whole wheat bread. Hearty, fresh, and delicious!  There is nothing that will make you feel better than to know you’re actually getting somewhere close to those daily fruit and veggie recommendations. If you’re actually vegan, vegetarian, or just more adventurous than I, stop by Buds and prepare to be refreshed. Popular items include the barbacoa burrito, buffalo chicken sandwich, and the zucchini chocolate chip cookies (wowza). Flavor packed, fast, and something you’ve never tried before. Thanks Buds!

Female Foodie Salt Lake City: Buds Female Foodie Salt Lake City: BudsBuds (509 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT)