Caffe del Tasso

A later post about a meal in Italy. The day before I returned home from my five month adventure last May, I found myself in Bergamo, just a couple hours outside of Milan.

  While waiting to meet up with a friend, I venture around this gorgeous city and enjoyed  some delicious artisan meats, cheeses, and bread. Caffe del Tasso was situated in a gorgeous square, just below the city clock tower.  This is a photo of the view from the top.  If you’re in the area and looking for a quaint and delectable lunch spot, this is the place.

Caffe del Tasso
3 Piazza Vecchia
Bergamo, Italy

035 237 966

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  1. It was a very pleasant place to take a breath. We had been there on October, 2012, and I must say that Bergamo is a wonderful jewell in Italy. Forget Milan and go straight to Bergamo to see a modern city in the botton and a Middle Age-city on the top.