Los Angeles: Honeymee

Ice cream does not always have to be made with heavy cream to taste good – it can be made with pure California milk, like at Honeymee in Los Angeles, to produce a lighter yet still creamy soft-serve ice cream. The Honeymee name pertains to the all-natural certified honey they put on top. Honey naturally has antioxidants, digestion aid, and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-viral properties.

Honeymee puts real honeycomb on top of the ice cream they serve to bring out the sweetness in the ice cream – it is a perfect combination! Every store has honey you can purchase displayed on a beautiful wooden shelving unit against a white tile and black chalkboard aesthetic. You feel light and happy when in a Honeymee store, and there are locations all throughout Southern California so you can enjoy almost anywhere.

My favorite is the Honey Affogato (ice cream topped with espresso). At Honeymee, they swirl honey on top to further counter the rich bitterness of the espresso. I personally do not like things to be overly sweet, so affogatos are always a go-to for me when it comes to ice cream.

The Honeymee is Honeymee’s classic dessert: true milk ice cream topped with a honeycomb and drizzled with national honey. Other favorites are the Darling (just the ice cream), Dear (ice cream drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and sea salt), Waffle Cone (you can make any dessert in a waffle cone), and the Babee (a sweet bun stuffed with any of the desserts). My friends love the shakes, such as the Sea Salt Caramel or Cookies ’N Cream. You can also get simple hot or iced tea sweetened with Honeymee’s special honey. Honeymee is a perfect dessert if you are craving ice cream because you still get the decadence with half the fat. After all, a Happy Bee is a Happy Mee and a Happy You. Just check out my dear blogger friend Sylvia enjoying her shake over Snapchat!

Honeymee (15480 S. Western Ave., Suite 108, Gardena, CA 90249)

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