Los Angeles: Necco

Japanese tapas may be the prettiest, eclectic meal you can ever have, especially at Necco where the chef of Japanese descent was inspired by the coastline of California and brought that inspiration to his cooking. The tapas at are particularly light celebrating the root vegetables of traditional Japanese dishes and local cuisine. You can also feel this inspiration in the space and how it was curated with relaxing wood tables and small bouquets of local flowers on every neutral-colored wall.

Necco is veggie, vegan, and gluten-free friendly, meant for everyone and as a healthy alternative to other options. The staff are chill and friendly, welcoming every person in to Necco. The only downside is the parking, which is either metered street or in a small paid lot shared by the neighboring restaurants. Either way, Necco is the perfect place for a lunch or dinner date.

To drink, their homemade koso sodas are so perfect and refreshing. “Koso” is a food enzyme drink that tastes similar to gingerale, and they make this in house with various seasonal flavors (pineapple, apple, etc.). The necco salad is delicious and light, filled with vegetables that you probably aren’t used to having. The Hanami Bento Box is a seasonal favorite for the spring that has a little bit of everything you could want: tuna sashimi, yellowtail sashimi, spinach, steak, potato balls, fish and sakura rice. The perfect tapa plate! Other delicious items are the albacore nanban and hamburger plates that have a small portion of meat, rice and covered in vegetables. The balance and range of food here are phenomenal – a must try in the Westwood area.

Necco (1929 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025) 310-446-5241

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