Los Angeles: Wurstküche

The best part of German cuisine has come to Los Angeles at Wurstküche, the purveyor of exotic grilled sausages in Downtown Los Angeles and the westside in Venice. Wurstküche has been around for years serving trendy, delicious sausages in trendy, hipster spaces. The Venice location has exposed brick walls, patios, wood ceilings, and chevron artwork.

Wurstküche also supports the German style of eating sausages on community tables in a large open space to promote social gatherings. The staff is outgoing and friendly and quick – a fast casual style of dining where you order, pay, and sit down in the other room waiting for your food.

The best part of Wurstküche is the variety of sausages they offer. Every sausage comes on a freshly baked roll with two toppings of your choice and 6 different mustards for you to try (these are left at the tables).  Wurstküche’s sausages are split into three categories: Classic, Gourmet or Exotic. You can get classics like a bratwurst (pork, coriander & nutmeg), bockwurst (veal, pork & spices), or even a vegetarian option like the Vegetarian Smoked Apple Sage (apples, yukon potatoes & sage).

The gourmet options range from chicken and turkey sausages like the Mango Jalapeño (chicken and turkey) or Austin Blues (hot & spicy tri-pepper & hardwood smoked pork) to specially-seasoned pork options like the Kielbasa (polish pork & beef with onions & spices). Finally, the exotics are the most fun and actually quite delicious: buffalo, duck, rattlesnake, rabbit, lamb, pheasant and anything else they can get their hands on depending on the season (such as alligator).

The list goes on and on for the sausages at Wurstküche and you will not be disappointed with any of them. I personally love the simple bratwurst with sauerkraut and sweet peppers and whole grain mustard on top with the truffle fries on the side (which come with an amazing variety of sauces like pesto mayo, chipotle ketchup, & bacon aioli). Not to mention a delicious variety of German and Belgian beers on tap! I loved the German Weihenstephaner Dunkelweizen (a wheat beer on draft). Wurstküche is fast, casual, and a little piece of German heaven in Los Angeles.

Wurstküche (625 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90291) 213-687-4444 x2


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