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Open Source Organics is that all-natural, healthy spot that Hollywood has been crying for. Locals from all over Hollywood come here for their daily shots, smoothies, acai bowls, juices and desserts. Yes, they even have healthy desserts that are guilt free!

Open Source Organics has prime position with free parking at the corner mall of Sunset and La Brea.

You can see it from the street, so you can’t miss it.

The space is small, basically a store front, with a small bar to order from and a cooler display case.

The staff are some of the nicest people you’ll meet in Hollywood, remembering every regular’s order and open to help you find exactly what you need. There are two small two-top tables outside, but other than that not much seating. Most take everything to go. See below for a list of favorites:

Open Source Organics: Smoothies

  • Green Protein (Banana, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Dates, Parsley, Kale, Apple, Celery, Lemon, Spirulina) = substantial enough to be a meal and very healthy
    • The smoothies come in adorable to-go glass bottles for ease.

Open Source Organics: Shots

  • Wellness Classic (Lemon, Ginger, Chlorella, Cayenne) = this will wake you up
  • Enliven (Lemon, Apple Cider, Vinegar, Ginger) = this goes does smooth but does have some sugar in it
  • Replenish (Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Fulvic Acid, Wheatgrass) = this will cleanse you
  • Super Algae (Chlorella, Spirulina, E3 live) = this was my favorite; not too strong and easy to take down, and it has a good source of protein and amino acids

Open Source Organics: Acai Bowls

  • Acai Superfood Energy (Acai, Banana, Pears, Strawberries, Orange, Lime Juice, Spirulina) = Perfect start to your day. The pears and organic granola add a nice crunch and the acai has a great texture and taste (they did not dilute it too much).

Open Source Organics has everything the body needs to stay energized and cleansed in the midst of the Hollywood party scene. If you are around the area, this is a perfect place to start your day.

Open Source Organics

$$$$ Live/Raw Food, Juice Bars & Smoothies

7107 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-806-2072

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