Los Angeles: Osteria La Buca

Who doesn’t love Italian at all times of the day?! Osteria La Buca is a trendy, country Italian restaurant right next to the famous Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. Osteria La Buca can be easily spotted with the floor-to-ceiling windows and rustic concrete exterior. Designer Brendan Ravenhill created a trendy and welcoming open space using dark wood and rustic metals that would only get better over time. The windows remind you of the bustling city you are in, yet the space gives you a sanctuary to enjoy good food amongst good company in peace. I highly recommend getting a reservation here; OpenTable makes is easy and free anyway. However, the brunch is still so new that you may not have trouble getting in without one. 

Chef Cameron Slaugh bases the menu off fresh, uncomplicated and well executed qualities so that ingredients can be celebrated and experienced the way they were supposed to. Menus are planned around the local harvests to really bring out that “Farm To Table” feel. Dinner here is already amazing, but Osteria La Buca really outdid themselves with their new addition of brunch. Brunch is on Sundays only from 10:30am to 2:30pm. I really do not think there is one bad thing on this menu.

Osteria La Buca Brunch Menu Recommendations

  • California Toast (toasted rosemary sourdough, avocado, soft scrambled eggs, arugula salad)
  • Baked Eggs in Terracotta (spicy tomato sauce, goat cheese toast)
  • Bucatini Carbonara (house pancetta, poached egg, black pepper, and you can have it with gluten free pasta)
  • Neighborhood Pizza (guajillo sauce, taleggio cheese, pancetta, pickled pearl onions, baked egg).

And their coffee and fresh pressed juices are a perfect pairing to all of this! They made me a beautiful foam heart on my vanilla latte to top it off. Italian brunch has found its way into my heart thanks to Osteria La Buca.

Osteria La Buca (5210 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038) 323-462-1900


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