Los Angeles: Yoga-Urt

Is it possible to have a vegan, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher frozen yogurt and still taste just as good as regular froyo? YES. Yoga-Urt in Glendale’s Kenneth Village allows you to treat yourself to some delicious, creamy frozen yogurt that is all of the above with several organic topping options that you can’t get anywhere else. Yoga-Urt provides a yoga-like, peaceful setting to have nourishing frozen yogurt that is possible with a healthy lifestyle.

Melissa the owner takes great pride in her product and serves everything with a smile.

Yoga-urt’s most popular flavors are Chocolate Bliss and Salted Caramel Zen. The Chocolate Bliss, in particular, you would never think is dairy free with how creamy and rich it is. My personal favorite combo is the Green Tea Tranquility and Chocolate Bliss swirled topped with Organic Strawberries (and Organic Dark Chocolate Chips if I am feeling extra sweet) in a waffle cone. The waffles cones here are my favorite waffle cones I’ve had in LA so far. They are crispy yet hold together well, and have the perfect amount of sweetness, made every day fresh in house. If you do not feel like frozen yogurt, try a smoothie or coffee/tea or even a non-dairy hot chocolate. They have something for everybody to treat themselves to!

Yoga-Urt (1407 W. Kenneth Road, Glendale, CA 91201) 818-545-3880

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