Centro Woodfired Pizzeria in Cedar City, UTCedar City, Utah: not exactly the place you’d expect to find a vibrant food community, right? I didn’t think so either until I moved there to go to school and discovered that this small town has one of the best food scenes – dare I say it – in the entire state. There may not be many of them, but there are plenty of bomb restaurants in Cedar that I hope to spotlight in the future as I make more treks to and from Southern Utah. The one that shines brigher than the rest is Centro Woodfired Pizzeria of Cedar City.

Pizza is by far my favorite food which means I have eaten a lot of it, and personally, I think Centro is the best place to get woodfired pizza in Utah. I have been there many times and I think I have perfected my order.

 I start with the rustic bread since it’s an inexpensive appetizer and honestly, you can never go wrong with bread baked in-house and the perfect combo of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Rustic bread at Centro Woodfired PizzeriaNext up for me is usually the margherita pizza.

Whenever I eat at a woodfired pizza joint, I have to try their margherita pizza, and this is by far the best one I have ever had. The dough is perfect and after being baked in their 800 degree oven, it has the much sought-after leopard spots (perfect char in the crust). One thing I love about Centro’s margherita pizza is they don’t put oil on top of the basil leaves, giving them a to-die-for crisp texture.

Margarita pizza at Centro Woodfired PizzeriaFinally, you have to finish up your meal with the Nutella piegato.

Centro’s spin on a dessert pizza is actually dough filled with Nutella and then folded over before it’s baked. It’s finished with a Nutella drizzle and two huge dollops of their homemade whipped cream and it is amazing. If you’re looking for something other than a margherita pizza, I’ve tried almost every other item on their menu and you’ll truly fall in love with anything you order. A few of my other favorites include the sopressata pizza (their take on a pepperoni), the pancetta and grape pizza, the arugula salad, and the “Centro gelato” – drizzled with olive oil, a balsamic reduction, and a hint of sea salt. Next time you’re in southern Utah, make sure you stop by; you won’t regret it!

Nutella piegato at Centro Woodfired Pizzeria

Centro Woodfired Pizzeria (50 W. Center St, Cedar City, UT // 435.867.8123)