London: Cereal Killer Cafe

Everyone loves a gimmick and one of the big trends in London over the last few years is single item restaurants. What I mean by that is that the food based around one idea. The Melt Room sells just grilled sandwiches, the porridge cafe sells just porridge and Balls & Company sells just meatballs. Welcome to London’s first and only restaurant dedicated to cereal. Cereal Killer Cafe.

I’ve got to be honest, and please don’t hate me, but I’m not a lover of bowl of cereal. I’m one of those weird people who likes dry cereal of out the box so I’ve never had an excuse to visit until I found out about their NUTELLA STACKED HOT CHOCOLATE!

If you’ve been away on holiday, loved a certain brand of cereal and wish they had it in your home town chances are they have it here. The colourful walls are lined with hundreds of boxes of which you can keep simple, mix and match or try one of there own creations. Unicorn poop, sticky monkey or feckin’ nut case anyone? Combine with choice of 10 milks and loads of toppings, cereal just got serious. Who knew there were 10 different types if milk!!! But for me it’s all about the hot chocolate…

The drink itself is Nutella and then the mug is coated in more Nutella and covered in Rice Krispies Cereal, crushed Oreos and topped with whipped cream and even more Nutella. Not for the faint hearted. They do a Coco Pops, salted caramel and Reeses Puffs versions too if they sound more up your street. I promise I’ll go back with someone to show you the cereal but for now let’s admire this beauty…

Cereal Killer Cafe (139 Brick Lane, London // 20.3601.9100)

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