Salt Lake City: Chopfuku Asian Cuisine

Welcome to Chopfuku Asian Cuisine, Salt Lake City’s newest Asian fusion restaurant. Chopfuku is a word that translates to “lucky chop chop”. You’ll find something for everyone at Chopfuku Asian Cuisine because of their creative approach to Asian fusion.

Chef Dang who runs the show at Chopfuku has over 40 years of experience in Asian cuisine and has composed a menu with Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai influenced dishes that I know you’ll love! I’m going to walk you through some of my favorite dishes so that when you visit Chopfuku for the first time, you’ll know just what to order.

There are plenty of incredible appetizers at Chopfuku for you to order while you’re perusing their menu, but my favorite of them all is the cajun salmon. As if it isn’t gorgeous enough, picture fresh, seared salmon topped with tobiko (my true love), daikon, carrot, and served with a spicy ponzu sauce. The flavors on this dish are simply incredible.

Looking for a Thai inspired app? Try the Thai-styled chicken kabob.

A spin off of the classic dish, chicken satay, this grilled curry chicken is served with three different kinds of sauce including curry, peanut butter, and thai chili sauce. The peanut butter was my favorite of the three sauces!

For a no-fail appetizer that is certain to please all diners, try the black peppered beef. This delicious plate of certified angus beef is served with black pepper sauce, cilantro, and Sriracha. Loved the different flavors and although certainly “peppery” it wasn’t overwhelming.

I’m a sucker for fresh, raw fish, and this appropriately named “hamachi heaven” was de-li-cious. It’s my second favorite appetizer (right next to the cajun salmon) and is comprised of thinly sliced yellowtail topped with jalapeno, cilantro, and micro greens, served with ponzu sauce, garlic oil, and a pinch of Sriracha.

Last but not least on our feast of appetizers was the Lone Star Roll. It’s a beef “roll” made of Angus beef wrapped around asparagus, topped with Japanese teriyaki sauce with onion, bell peppers, and scallions. Chopfuku Asian Cuisine makes all of their sauces in house, and the teriyaki paired with the Angus beef on this roll was so tasty!

What is an Asian fusion restaurant without a good sushi menu?! We took the chef’s recommendation and ordered the most popular and signature roll at Chopfuku- the UK roll. It certainly isn’t like any other roll that I’ve had and we LOVED It.

This bad boy has deef fried bacon (yes- bacon!), crab, avocado, and is topped with tuna, salmon, and white fish, tobiko, lemon, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

I’ve been dreaming of this unconventional sushi roll ever since my first bite! I loved the crunch from the bacon, which still isn’t overpowering (as bacon sometimes is), paired with the fresh fish, lemon slice, tobiko, and flavorful sauces. If you’re going to order one roll when you visit Chopfuku, make sure it’s the UK roll!

If we ever went out for sushi as kids, my mum always ordered some sort of filling entree to pair with sushi, to ensure that everyone had a filling meal. This Shaking Beef from the entree menu at Chopfuku was flavorful and, indeed, filling!

It’s a wok-seared Angus beef prepared with scallions, onions, and bell peppers. This Shaking Beef is a great option for the less adventurous diners who aren’t as thrilled about sushi, raw fish, or maybe even curry.

One of the most unique menu items was the Crispy Grouper Fish. It’s a gorgeous fried and breaded grouper fillet served with onions, bell peppers, carrots, and a sweet chili sauce. We loved the crunch of the fried fish and the sweet after taste from the sweet chili sauce. Another great option if you’re looking for a suitable and filling entree!

Last, but not least, we recommend the Chopfuku Curry Noodles. This is a really fun fusion dish because it combines Japanese yakisoba noodles with a homemade curry sauce that is to die for!

You can order this dish with chicken or seafood and it comes prepared with fresh vegetables including carrots, zucchini, and red bell peppers.

Chopfuku Asian Cuisine in Taylorsville, Utah has the Female Foodie stamp of approval! This is a great spot for a lunch or dinner date, an evening out with family, or a quick solo meal at the bar. We love their creative menu items and are thrilled to have them as the newest addition to the SLC dining scene. Thank you, Chopfuku!

Chopfuku Asian Cuisine (4546 South Atherton Drive Suite 107, Taylorsville, UT // 801.819.0072)

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  1. This looks divine and your descriptions are making me want to try my first taste of sushi at this restaurant! I can’t wait!