Milwaukee: Clock Shadow Creamery

It goes without saying that Wisconsin is the land of many cheeses.  I mean, there are even festivals dedicated to it.  If you want more proof, Green Bay Packer fans are literally called “cheeseheads.

”  In that case, it should be extremely obvious that if you visit Wisconsin, you’re going to have the opportunity to indulge in some fresh and heavenly cheese.  In Historic Walker’s Point, you’ll find Milwaukee’s first and only cheese factory –  Clock Shadow Creamery.  Actually, what brought me in was that many restaurants around town feature Clock Shadow Creamery’s cheeses on their menus.  Since I have so far been a huge fan, I decided I wanted to experience the real deal and go directly to the source.

If you’ve noticed my mention of “quark” in any of my previous posts, that’s because it’s my new favorite cheese…

and it happens to come from Clock Shadow Creamery!  To me, it has the spreadability of your typical cream cheese, but a texture that reminds me of ricotta.  The cool thing is that similarly to ricotta, it can take on the sweet or savory flavors of whatever you happen to be cooking.  I’ve tried their maple quark in a crepe, but their garlic and dill quark on the soft pretzel that we ordered while shopping.  Simply divine.  We picked up a container of their regular quark and I feel like the opportunities are endless!  I just discovered they have a bunch of interesting recipes on their website that you can use with your quark, score.

A real Wisconsin fave are cheese curds, which Clock Shadow Creamery makes fresh on Wednesdays and Fridays.  They call their cheese curds “squeaks” and you can pick them up fresh from the store!  As with any of their cheeses, you can also watch them being made through the window right before you enter the shop.  They even offer tours where you can learn all about the history of cheese making.  At the super affordable rate of $3, I’m sure it would be worth a visit!  If anything, you could stop by to pick up some cheesy Wisconsin memorabilia for out-of-town guests.  Oh, and yes, they ship!

Seeing as I’m already low on my quark inventory at home, I know for a fact that the folks at Clock Shadow Creamery will be seeing me again!

Clock Shadow Creamery (138 W Bruce Street, Milwaukee, WI // 414.273.9711)

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  1. Thank you for promoting our quark! It’s my favorite cheese in the shop and I have been trying to contribute more recipes to promote it.