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I know 99% of you reading this frequent Chipotle more often than you may like to admit. But, if you’re in Colorado, you really should be frequenting Illegal Pete’s. Why? Four words: beer battered fish tacos.

Go with Pete’s Specialty “Baja-Style Fish Tacos” or customize your own! Either way, they take a few minutes longer to find their way to your table because they are cooked right when you order. You’ll notice this when you take your first bite. The crunch is crisp and fresh. Paired with a squeeze of lime and the zesty ranch dressing, your mouth hits the jackpot of flavors!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this order.

While the fish tacos are my go-to order, it isn’t the only home-run on their menu. My other favorites include the shredded beef burrito, grilled chicken bowl or the nachos. But, who am I kidding! You could order anything and it would taste delicious! What I love is that the flavoring of the meat doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. Each flavor can be detected with every bite. Now that’s hard to do.

If you get the hot salsa, make sure you grab a margarita to wash it down. A side of chips and guacamole never hurt anyone either.

Illegal Pete’s has a few Colorado locations.

While all the locations are similar in décor, no two are exactly alike. If you’re in the Tech Center area, Illegal Pete’s is poppin’ at the lunch hour. It’s a great place to meet friends and take a break from whatever piles of paper you’ve been pushing all morning. The evenings at this location are quieter. This is great if you’re looking for great food with great customer service minus the crowds. If you’re looking for a great place to get your weekend started, I recommend heading to the Broadway location. This location has an awesome patio with picnic tables, lights and a bar opening up to the patio. Again, great food and great customer service just a different atmosphere.’

No matter which location you choose, Illegal Pete’s is always the right choice.

Illegal Pete’s (5312 DTC Blvd. #400, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 // 303.771.2277)

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