commonwealth9-1-of-1I’ve always wanted to be a member of a book club. The idea of meeting once a week with like-minded ladies, discussing juicy excerpts of our latest read, and all the while sipping mimosas or tall lattes greatly appeals to me. Though I’ve yet to find that niche in San Antonio, a friend and I developed an alternative, centered entirely on food (naturally). Once a week, we choose a new coffeehouse, and spend hour after hour conversing over shared plates and specialty brews. Our latest meet occurred at CommonWealth Coffeehouse – a [recently renovated] quaint French patisserie nestled off Broadway in a small home.

commonwealth1-1-of-1First things first, check out that interior – adorable right?

Vintage pulley lights dangled from CommonWealth’s ceilings, complimenting the café’s retro take on minimal décor. After snapping a few pics, I decided to order the Croque Monsieur sandwich {gourmet ham and cheese} with a bowl of Soup Vichyssoise on the side {traditional French hot potato and leek soup}. My friend chose the turkey/avocado sandwich on ciabatta, and with that, we both grabbed a quick cup of basil infused water and headed outside to dine on their gorgeous front patio.

commonwealth8-1-of-1commonwealth7-1-of-1commonwealth5-1-of-1With a few flights to France under my belt, I’ll admit CommonWealth lived up to high standards. The Croque Monsieur was perfectly toasted and not too overwhelming. The potato and leek soup balanced the sharp cheddar, with a light refreshing flavor, and left me completely content.

CommonWealth elevates the classic soup and sandwich combo, by sourcing all its ingredients locally (some from their own backyard), and by transforming ordinary items into made-from-scratch French delectables [did I mention one of CW’s owners is from Dax, France?].

commonwealth2-1-of-1commonwealth3-1-of-1Also – do yourself the favor of grabbing a Pain Aux Raisins or Croissant Chocolat on the way out. These are only two of the many tartlets offered at CommonWealth, and they’re baked with the precision of someone who genuinely honors the artistry behind French cooking.

You can sneak a peek into the kitchen through large windowpanes in CW’s main dining room, if you’re interested in drooling over fresh Caneles or Viennois Au Nutella. Regardless, be sure to stop by this little spot downtown San An next time you need a getaway to the French countryside, and nibble on any of their {délicieux} delights.

CommonWealth Coffeehouse (118 Davis Ct., San Antonio, TX 78209 // 210.560.2955)