Female Foodie Salt Lake City: Coppercreek Pub & GrubFemale Foodie Salt Lake City: Coppercreek Pub & GrubFun fact: even though I’ve lived in Salt Lake City my entire life, I was completely uninformed when it came to the West Valley foodie scene. So after I took my first job there, just over six months ago, I took it as a personal challenge to find all of the great foodie spots. After passing one too many chains and not having any luck, I made a cry of desperation over Facebook, determined to learn more about some of the “under the radar” favorites. Of all people, my best friend Laurie Lou suggested I try Coppercreek Pub & Grub. Sounds catchy eh?? We soon after scheduled a lunch date for lots of girl talk and plenty of pub grub.

Female Foodie Salt Lake City: Coppercreek Pub & GrubI announced to a couple of my co-workers that I’d be going to Coppercreek Pub & Grub for lunch with my BFF that day, and immediately my c0-worker Cynthia turned to me and (in a very intense almost hangry sort of tone) said, “you’re getting The Chubby right”? The CHUBBY?? Behold: my absolute new favorite burger in all the land. The Chubby is a ground chuck patty smashed between TWO GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. Smothered in grilled onions, mushrooms, and Thousand Island dressing.

The Chubby was everything you’d imagine it to be- glutenous, perfectly savory, cheesy, and juicy. My waitress warned me that I wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own (she was right), but I’m proud to admit that I covered an estimated 70%. I’m the girl that loves nothing more than cheese and bread, so when I was presented with a burger that has *double* the cheese and *double* the bread, it was game over.

Female Foodie Salt Lake City: Coppercreek Pub & GrubIf you *aren’t* interested in The Chubby or perhaps not even a burger at all (gasp), you can count on the Monte Cristo for a delicious and very popular alternative! Coppercreek Pub and Grub is a great local spot in West Valley City to grab some ma & pa grub with a dear (and very pregnant) friend of mine! Friendly service, fast turnaround, and delicious pub grub. Thank you Coppercreek- we can’t wait to come back!

Female Foodie Salt Lake City: Coppercreek Pub & GrubCoppercreek Pub & Grub (3451 5600 West, West Valley City, UT // 801.417.0051)