San Fran Best Places to Eat: Cowgirl CreameryIt isn’t every day that you’re in San Francisco. And for me it was only one day. So after I finished breakfast at Mama’s I raced to second breakfast/early lunch at the Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry building. Another place that came with the highest of recommendations, including the “best grilled cheese in the city”. Sold.

San Fran Best Places to Eat: Cowgirl Creamery Behold. The beautiful and immaculate Cowgirl Creamery grilled cheese. Leek with garlic, fromage blanc, and reading raclette.  Served on hot-pressed bread with butter pickles on the side.This sandwich is literally from the Gods.

San Fran Best Eats: Cowgirl CreameryThis is my new BFF Lexi. Isn’t she adorable?? Many thanks to her for giving me the DL on Cowgirl Creamery and for making me one of the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. She’s been working here for years and loves Cowgirl more than any person out there! Give her a visit and tell her I say hello.

San Fran Best Places to Eat: Cowgirl Creamery Going, going, gone. Truly perfection and everything you’d imagine in a grilled cheese worth traveling for.

Make sure to check out their artisanal cheese shop next door for delicious local products!

I’m in love with this SF staple and counting down the days until I can go back!

San Fran Best Places to Eat: Cowgirl CreameryCowgirl Creamery (1 Ferry Building No. 19, San Francisco // 415.392.4000)