Salt Lake City: Create Donuts Co

Trying to hold in the excitement when you find out about a new donut place is like trying not to breathe. Not possible. Create Donuts Co had only been open for about a month when I heard about them through Instagram and decided to go check it out on a blustery, snowy morning. When I walked in, the staff was immediately friendly, helpful, and ready to walk me through their menu.
Create is a little different (in an amazing way) in that they let you create your own donut – makes sense now, right? You can choose everything from the glaze to the filling to the toppings. They even have gelato as a topping. How can you go wrong?
I assembled a cronut filled with vanilla creme and dulce de leche sauce, and topped it with a vanilla glaze. Of course I couldn’t stop there, so I also added dulce de leche gelato on the side, topped with Reese’s peanut butter cups. It was incredible and I couldn’t believe I was eating it for breakfast. They might have “created” a monster because I’m sure I’ll be stopping by again sooner rather than later for another donut or maybe to try a gelato-filled crepe. No choice would be a bad choice!
Create Donuts Co (9305 S Village Shop Drive, Sandy, UT 84094 // 801.790.2738)
Photos & Writing: Shannon Hall
Salt Lake City Female Foodie

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