Ode to Cutler’s. This Bountiful joint has been a fixation in my life since before I can remember. We go here for two things: a cookie and a turkey avocado sandwich. Everything is fresh and homemade in a sparkling clean kitchen. Still, as a grown up girl, things haven’t changed much. My mum and I grabbed a sandwich & cookie just recently after a much needed wedding planning break (tangent: holy smokes- wedding planning is a full time job. #SOS). Go check them out on 500 south in Bountiful. It’s a hop and a skip off the freeway. Yums.

IMG_7133 (1)
My #1 —> the frosted peanut butter cookie.


IMG_7123 (1)
Mum’s #1 —> the brownie marshmallow cookie.


IMG_7146 (1)

Cutler’s Cookies & Sandwiches

120 West 500 South

Bountiful, UT

(801) 298-2253