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I am obsessed with Daybreak, Utah! Apparently Daybreak is Utah’s best kept secret; you are always within five minutes of something awesome in this little community. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Daybreak is SoDa Row, Daybreak’s trendy downtown area that is within walking distance of many amenities. SoDa Row has a collection of restaurants, boutiques, and cafes, all of which are amazing! My recent experience at Porch Restaurant has been one of my favorites in my foodie life.

Porch Restaurant is an intimate urban-style place that is perfect for a casual brunch with friends who care about how “quaint” a restaurant is.  The menu is a nod to authentic low-country food, and in the middle of Utah! Ensconced in a cozy location, Porch is perfect for brunch and offers about a dozen items on the morning menu. My top favorite dish is the Southern Stack (pictured above), which is a cast iron Johnny cake, topped with sauteed crawfish, bacon, egg, and sweetened by maple syrup on the side. My close-second favorite is the Grilled Bavette Steak and Eggs (also pictured above), a simple but gratifying plate of bscon brown butter grilled steak, grits, breakfast potatoes, eggs and a biscuit. The steak was cooked perfectly. I fell in love with every bite.

Two other items available on the brunch menu are the Crawfish & Grits  and the Chicken & Biscuits. Both of these dishes were beautiful and savory. Originally I was reluctant to try the Crawfish & Grits, but I decided to just go for it. It was a good life choice. Crawfish has a strong flavor, but it didn’t overpower the rest of the flavors at all. The BBQ butter and scallions pulled everything together really nicely. In regards to Chicken & Biscuits, the chicken was tender, which is a huge thing for me (I seriously cannot stand dry chicken), and the batter was peppery and tasty. I really enjoyed both dishes!

The party favorite was the cast iron cornbread, served with tomato Tabasco jam. This brunch fixin’ was mouthwatering. I was nervous about the Tabasco jam, since Tabasco can pack a punch, but the jam was perfectly balanced with spice and sweet. The cornbread was incredible since it was soft and held together well when we cut into it. In my experience, cornbread can be dry, heavy, and crumbly. Porch discovered the secret of good and scrumptious cornbread which will surely bring us back for more.

Another favorite was one that the waitress surprised us with. Caramel Apple Butter wasn’t found anywhere on the menu, but it was fantastic! I’ve always loved caramel apples, and having it as a marmalade was too good to be true. I loved it so much that it might as well have been dessert. Speaking of which, the dessert menu is available during brunch; dessert after breakfast is a dream.

I have a special place in my heart for bread  and banana pudding. Before eating at Porch, I had never had cornbread pudding before;  I am a fan. The glaze had a rich maple flavor, and the pecans gave the baked bread the perfect crunch. The banana pudding was delicious too  and satisfied my cravings for Magnolia Bakery and Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which are both delicious bakery’s in New York. Plus, the jar they served the banana pudding in was too adorable for words.

The food is colorful, flavorful and fun. The atmosphere is comfortable and chic. I love Porch and am stoked to try their dinner menu next! When you go, be adventurous and try something new. I certainly have loved everything so far.

Porch Restaurant (11274 Kestrel Rise Rd. South Jordan, UT 84009 // 801.679.1066)

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