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I know what you’re thinking, why would I ever venture down to Parker, CO!

Parker, CO is just south of the Denver metro area. While you may not be down here on the regular, you may find yourself wondering around Downtown Parker on Mainstreet every now and then.

There’s so much to love about the small town vibe Parker has. I enjoy the farmers market on warm spring and summer days and perusing the aisles of the old school General Store for nick-knacks and gifts.

Next time you’re strolling down Mainstreet, grabbing lunch at Parker Garage or catching the Friday night live band and wings at Tailgate Tavern & Grill, you’ll of course want to get dessert. Skip the Baskin Robbins on the corner because I know just the spot. You won’t have to wonder far to stumble upon one of my weekend favorites, Nomelie Cupcakes.

Nomelie Cupcakes is a small, family run shop in the heart of Downtown Parker. It’s cute and quaint.

The interior is decorated with mismatched furniture and decor which gives you the feeling of home. The gals at the counter are super friendly and will help you choose the perfect cupcake flavor for you!

Their award winning cupcake is Raspberry Champagne – a little birdy told me it’s even been featured on the Food Network during the Parker Days Festival – another great reason you might find yourself in Parker.

The Raspberry Champagne cupcake is definitely on the sweeter side – so I’d order the mini unless you crave that sweet like lemonade taste!

But, why get just one? Seriously!

One of my favorites is the Neapolitan but you can never go wrong with a classic chocolate.

The cupcakes are made fresh every morning so my recommendation is to snag coffee at Fika followed by brunch at Rory’s Diner. Then, enjoy the rest of what Mainstreet has to offer while snacking on your favorite cupcake.

It’s the perfect way to spend any morning.

To all my non Parker friends, be sure to check out the flavors of the day online if you’re looking for one in particular. While some flavors are daily staples, others rotate throughout the week.

I would hate for you to miss the Tiramisu or Neapolitan.

If you’re able to, stop in on a holiday for limited edition flavors!

Nomelie Cupcakes (19751 Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138 // 303.805.2607)

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