Salt Lake City: Desert Edge Brewery

Desert Edge Brewery, otherwise known as “The Pub” has been a Salt Lake City staple of mine since before I can remember. If you’re a Ute fan and frequent the Ute hangouts (Hires, The Pie, Rio Grande Cafe), then you KNOW that “The Pub” is on this list! This lesser known local favorite is situated inside Trolley Square, just on 700 east near downtown Salt Lake City. They have a spacious location with lots of seating, big glass windows, and plenty of brewed beverages. What my extended family has traditionally come here for, however, is the incredible sandwiches and the french onion soup.

Desert Edge Brewery does a fantastic job making an ordinary deli sandwich into something worth ordering. The turkey avocado is my absolute favorite- thick slices of deli turkey sandwiched between rye, sourdough, or wheat, and served with delicious fresh avocado and tomato slices. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go! We also love their warm rueben sandwich- salty sliced corned beef with swiss cheese and sauerkraut, served on grilled rye with dijon. Once you decide between these two of my favorites, be SURE to split a bowl of their perfectly prepared french onion soup.

It is everything you want in a bowl of hot, bubbly, cheesy goodness!

 Desert Edge Brewery is a consistent Salt Lake City spot with some of our favorite sandwiches (and french onion soup). They have a fantastic menu also filled with other grilled sandwich combos, salads, Mexican plates, and specials that change daily.

If you’d like to visit one of Desert Edge Brewery’s sister locations, check out Red Butte Cafe on foothill, or Martine downtown for tapas. Enjoy!

Desert Edge Brewery (273 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.521.8917)

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