Calamari sandwiches. Toward the end of my stay in Madrid I decided it was
about time to taste what everyone was talking about.  Over a decade ago, I
was in Washington state, out to lunch with my parentals at a chain called
Cucina Cucina.  My dad ordered the appetizer (calamari), convinced me it was
chicken, and had me try a bite.  Confusion, denial, then realization. Not so
happy to be tricked.  And was especially unhappy about the squid in my mouth.
So, to say the least, my stop at El Brillante was a big step for me.  The calamari
bocadillo was quickly fried and set before me. Yummy. Not too chewy. Different.
And of course had to end the meal with the chocolate calliente I noticed on the
menu. One problem however: I asked for a small portion.  Little. Petite. And
before I knew it the server had dished me the biggest portion of churros I had
seen thus far.  I started laughing.  [Side note: my Spanish at this point was very
minimal.]  I finally was able to effectively communicate to the man that although
this was one of my favorite desserts, he had give me way too much. Humored and
carefree, he leaned toward me, looked at my plate, and grabbed some churros for
himself.  I loved it. We chatted about whatever my lexicon of Spanish allowed.
The employees there were hilarious and upbeat.  Glad to have gone in.
[Make this at home.]

El Brillante
Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V 8
Madrid, Spain
91 528 69 66