Mother told me that Park City had a good slice of pizza to be eaten, so upon leaving the lovely cabin after 
enjoying Christmas in Woodland, we decided to go for some Fat Boy Pizza at Maxwell’s. Started off with 
some buffalo style hot wings.  I usually don’t even touch these, but really enjoyed them for a first.

 Jake went for the garlic parmesan fettuccine alfredo. Good flavor. Deliciously creamy. 
I may have stolen more than my one promised bite. Oops.

 The spinach salad that Mum and I shared was easily my favorite thing we had.  Delicious greens with a simple 
yet delectable combination of goat cheese, blueberries, candied pecans, and a sweet balsamic reduction. 

Annnnd, the Fat Boy Pizza. Delicious! We built our own and added a few different toppings. 
It was HUGE. 
Didn’t even come close to finishing it.  Great thin crust pizza with not too much sauce. 
Toppings were fresh (onion=mmmm). Great meal and would definitely return.
Thanks for the lunch mother!

1456 Newpark Blvd.
Park City, Ut
(435) 647-0304