IMG_0416New York City is an absolute formula for the best food in the world. I was thrilled when my sweet sister invited me to come with her for fashion week, to help watch my baby niece and scout out the good eats. I asked a handful of bloggers for recommendations (thank you Minnie, Taza, Marisel, HungryGrlsLaura, and more), compiled my massive list into one master document, and highlighted the recommendations that came up multiple times. We didn’t even come close to chipping away at so many wonderful places, but we certainly ate well! I’m going to take you through my trip, day by day, and tell you where we ate and how we liked it. Please note that many of these restaurants have several locations, and addresses provided are for locations we ate at. Click *HERE* to see my NYC Foodie Bucket List (100+ restaurants). Cheers!

DAY ONE ——->

IMG_0952 Parm (248 Mulberry between Prince & Spring // 212.993.7189). So the real truth about stumbling into this Italian sandwich shop, is that I was reallllly trying to eat at Rubirosa. Seeing that I had baby with me, howevs, it wasn’t going to happen (nothing save it for a few bar stools and tall table to eat at). Sooooo I took my friend Kelsey’s recommendation and went across the street to Parm. The folks at Parm were accommodating and seated me instantly! I was tempted to order the meatballs per my server’s recommendation but went with the classic chicken parm hero option. The chicken was tender and cooked to golden perfection, sandwiched between a classic sesame bun with hot mozzarella. I loved how simple their menu and system was- straight to the point and quality over quantity. Tempted to try the ice cream cake but decided to save it for next time!

IMG_0975Little Cupcake Bakeshop (30 Prince Street //212.941.9100). After my chicken parm rendezvous was over, I had plans to walk myself and baby back to the hotel but it was pouring rain (ick). I politely invited myself into this bakery that I just happened to pass. Such a lovely cakeshop with lots of sweets and treats that will make your mouth water just looking at them! This cake is called the Brooklyn Blackout Cake, and was appropriately named after the blackouts of WWII. It’s everything you want in a slice of chocolate cake and has been deemed as their best seller. You can also find this cake in Food & Wine’s list of “Best Chocolate Cake in the U.S.”. Great read.

IMG_0986Lombardi’s (32 Spring St // 212.941.7994). When my sis got home that night she was unsurprisingly (#fashionweek #foodisforscrubs) STARVING. Okay fine, let’s order take out (hard life). I had a gazillion recommendations for Lombardi’s and now we know why! It was insanely delicious! Big thick slices of fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil. Dinner 2.0 and well worth it. Can’t wait to eat this again.

DAY TWO ——->

IMG_1038Dominique Ansel (189 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson) // 212.219.2773). Another NYC hot spot that I have been dying to try forever. I met a New Yorker almost two years ago who told me about the beloved cronut. He convinced me that there was nothing quite like it and an absolute essential to any NYC trip. We were only two blocks away from DA, so I rolled out of bed and made my way over with a mere 45 minute wait (apparently short for this world famous bakery). The staff was super friendly and courteous to us unashamed groupies waiting (sometimes 2 hours??) for their beautiful pastries.

IMG_1004My two cents about Dominque Ansel and his baked goods camaraderie: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g we had was fantastic. I ordered two cronuts (they’ll only let you order two per person if you make it before they run out), a slice of mini mi chocolate cake (also referenced in the Food & Wine article), a DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann), and two Perfect Little Egg Sandwiches.

IMG_1016In short, the cronut is amazing in every way. There is a reason people will wait crazy amounts of time for just two. There is a reason this has been deemed NYC’s  best bakery. There is a reason Mark from NYC took 30 full minutes of his day to explain this small hand-held pastry to me. From the texture to the filling to the buttery layers of flaky croissant donut it is truly one of a kind. It’s a NYC novelty item for a reason and if you’re a curious and like-minded foodie, then you 100% should take the time to try it! Having said that, the DKA was my favorite (gulp) thing we tried that morning. It still has the buttery warm flakiness the wins your heart, but without the heavy filling (too much for me). A more simplified pastry and still worth every penny. We were delighted by the Mini Me Chocolate Cake and absolutely swooned over the Perfect Little Egg Sandwiche. My sis and I agreed, it was best egg sandwich we’ve had in our lives.

IMG_0332The Spotted Pig (314 West 11th Street at Greenwich Street // 212.620.0393). Another hot spot that was recommended time and time again. Extremely friendly wait staff who found a perfect spot for us upstairs and away from the crowds. The burger was my most popular recommendation here so I decided to order that. It was juicy and flavorful and the ultimate form of simple sophistication. Undoubtedly one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The fries were delicious, despite how difficult they were to eat, and a fun deviation from your traditional stack of spuds.

IMG_0343My sister took our server’s recommendation and ordered the grilled cheese. SO GOOD. I’d definitely recommend this over the burger (amazing as it was) because we loved it THAT much. The inside was a blend of soft cheeses served with a side of onion marmalade and mustard. The onion marmalade was life changing- going to try to crack the recipe and make it at home. If anyone knows something that I don’t, hook a sister up . . .

IMG_0401Magnolia Bakery (200 Columbus Avenue at 69th Street // 212.724.8101). I still remember when my mom took me here during my first trip to NYC. I’ve been back several times and always enjoy their baked goods immensely. Had not, however, tried their banana pudding, which was recommended by an infinite amount of people. Banana pudding doesn’t normally pull at my heartstrings, but so many trustworthy folks recommended so we had to try for ourselves.

IMG_0384It may come to you as no surprise that this was the best dessert we had on our entire trip. THANK YOU to all those who recommended. The banana/pudding/cake combination was heavenly perfection. Seriously. My sis and I ate these in our Uber during a drive across the city and literally licked our containers clean. This is 100% on my top ten list and I cannot wait to try recreating at home! My mom has the cook book. Holla.

IMG_0421 Osteria Morini (218 Lafayette Street // 212.965.8777). Hands down the best meal of our entire trip. Do you feel like I am saying that about every place??  My friend Mike and owner of Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, said this was the best pasta he’d had outside of Italy. We didn’t ask questions and went here for dinner on our second night in NYC. The server recommended their stracciatella appetizer consisting of melt in your mouth cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and watermelon. Unreal.

IMG_0435Female Foodie’s main course: Tagliatelle ragu antica served with parmigiano. I need not say more. Sister’s main course: Cappelletti truffled ricotta ravioli served with melted butter and prosciutto. The Italians just know.

IMG_0439 Truly wonderful dining experience. Left with two new friends and a nice full belly.

IMG_0440This post gets the most pics because it really was our fav. DWI.

IMG_0461Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream (2 Rivingston Street // 212.209.7684). It shouldn’t surprise you at this point in the trip, that we managed to leave our Italian feast and still have room to pound some ice cream. Morgenstern’s was a time travel experience. The menu and restaurant had a very clean and retro feel to them. The sassy ladies at the counter took our order and served us some amazzzzzzzze balls ice cream. Sis’s order: a sunday with hella toppings and hella ice cream. My order: scoop of bitter chocolate. #homeostasis

IMG_0473The Smith (956 Second Avenue //212.644.2700). A brunch with other foodies from NYC! A very successful opporunity to network, commiserate/rejoice over food blogging/photography, and a time to make new friends. The avocado toast: organic whole wheat toast, local greens, red pepper flakes, lemon, poached eggs.

IMG_0491This picture perfectly depicts what it looks like when you put a bunch of foodies in a room together. A no judgement zone + let the sun shine in.

IMG_0500Minnie from @eatingwithminnie carefully arranging our breakfast for that prime photo opp. Interesting to contrast our styles with one another at the dinner (breakfast?) table.

IMG_0554Luke’s Lobster (The Plaza Food Hall 1 W. 59th Street). We also had 100+ recommendations to eat at Luke’s Lobster. My sis and I decided to eat here because we weren’t hungry and thought we could split a lobster sandwich. Ha!

IMG_0559We inhaled that sucker and jumped right back in line for another. Never have I ever enjoyed lobster on this level. Also tried the chowder. Not bad and also nothing to write home about.


IMG_0671Trump SoHo (246 Spring Street // 212.842.5500). We were running late that morning so decided to give the room service at our hotel a whirl. It was delicious! And very over priced. We both ordered the eggs benny and thought that the hollandaise was the perfect combination of creamy and tangy. Yums.

IMG_0759Artichoke Basille’s Pizza (114 10th Avenue). I was excited when we drove past their Chelsea location because Artichoke Basille’s also came with the BEST of recommendations.

IMG_0760Don’t hate me for not ordering the famous artichoke pizza! The margherita just sounded better. It was a perfect quick slice of NYC pizza. Nothing life changing but yummy and I’d definitely go back for more (and try the artichoke pizza).

IMG_0768Birdbath Nolita (45 Spring Street // 212.422.8141). A place I happened to stumble by and just went in for no reason. My sis and I enjoyed these cookies on our way to the airport and thought they were soooo yummy. They had some other delicious pastries and paninini’s that I’d love to try next time.

IMG_0796Chobani SoHo (152 Prince Street // 646.998.3800). Our final foodie spot in NYC. Because eating greek yoghurt cancels out all unhealthy food yes?? Such a beautiful and clean restaurant. Nice to get some fiber in my body after all the sugar and carbs.

IMG_0443We sure had one heck of a time running around the city trying to make it to as many different foodie spots as we possibly could! Thanks to my sister for inviting me to explore the busy city with her and baby Lyla, the absolute joy of my Auntie life! The rest of my running A list: Maman, Jacob’s Pickles, Levain Bakery, Rosie’s, Buvette, Georgetown Cupcakes, Balthazar, La Esquina, Rubirosa, Emily, Pies n Thighs, Redfarm, Russ and Daughters, Eataly, ABC Kitchen, and Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Until next time. X.