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In the past couple of years, Sugarhouse has become one of the most hoppin’ spots in Salt Lake City. They’ve redone much of the town and it has brought a huge wave of great restaurants and businesses. It’s such a fun atmosphere and hip place to spend your Friday night. So many of my favorite restaurants are in this area! Nestled in the main square, Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza has made its home. Why choose this restaurant over others this weekend? It’s classy, entertaining, fun, and of course, delicious!

I first noticed the Neapolitan when I drove past the huge garage doors and hanging, twinkling patio lights (of course – patios are my favorite). When the weather is warm and the night is young, this place is ideal for families and couples alike. Not only do they specialize in flatbreads, but are known for their authentic Italian style pizzas, as well as their decadent sandwiches and salads.

What sets them apart, in my opinion, from many other fabulous pizza joints in town? Their dough. The dough that holds the cheesy, saucy, topping goodness is incredible. It’s crispy, yet smooth and tastes like it came straight from the cobblestone streets of Italy. For the more Americanized folk, they also have a great list of local favorites, as well. Order one, or order multiple, and split them between your party – that way you can get a taste of each slice of goodness.

Funny enough, as much as I love flatbread pizza, my favorite dish that they create their Porchetta sandwich. I am the biggest fan; I’d dare say it’s one of my favorite sandwiches in SLC (But Kate, you’re at a place that specializes in pizza!). Well, I’d say it’s a pure skill to make it seem as if I’m eating a burger next to a campfire in the woods and not in a chic, nice restaurant. This pork roast sandwich is one that has never hit my pallet before. Topped with garlic, rosemary, sea salt, fontina, balsamic cippolinis, stone fruit & currant chutney, sandwiched between a crispy, savory brioche bun, is definitely one for the books. Go and try it for yourself; let’s be honest, the pictures should convince you enough!

Honestly, all of their pizzas are great. We tried the Alfredo the Great and the Quattro Stagioni last time we went in. In terms of salad, the Chicken Arugula Basil is amazing!! A perfect mix of healthy ingredients makes for a fresh, sharable dish. Other great sandwiches are Giardini Panini and the Raosted Chicken Portobello. All of these dishes are prepared fresh and presented in a very appealing way. So order many plates and share among yourselves and you will be a very satisfied bunch. A word for the wise though, don’t share one dessert between more than two people – you’re going to want more than your fair share!!

Thank you Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza. Your food is tasty, the atmosphere is inviting, and your presentations are beautiful. Thank you for making Sugarhouse your home and continuing to bring class and appetizing memories to the Salt Lake experience.

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza (2121 McClelland St E, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.467.2180)

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