Salt Lake City: From Scratch

 From Scratch is situated in the heart of my hometown, Salt Lake City, and has become one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the town! It’s situated on a lesser known street- Gallivan Avenue, just off of State Street and Broadway downtown. This new-ish SLC restaurant takes their name to heart and literally creates everything From Scratch (even the ketchup- who does that??) with their locally sourced menu of bistro fare features pizza, burgers, salads, and house made pastries.

Aside from its gorgeous interior, fantastic location, and phenomenal staff, the food is unreal. It was developed under the premise that food should be good, and home made, with the freshest and finest of ingredients. From scratch. During my first ever visit to From Scratch, my server (Nate- #sup) encouraged my friend Melissa and I to order the risotto cake for an appetizer. Let’s just say I haven’t eaten a meal here since without this incredible risotto masterpiece! The consistency, delicious savory flavor, and subtle kick from the roasted red bell pepper sauce is something you’ve never had before.

I’ve tried a few of their salads as well, and none have disappointed. One of my favorites is the roasted beet salad, topped with arugula, candied pecans, goat cheese, and a Sherry Shallot vinaigrette. Perfection on a plate. My “go-to”, however, is their honey apple salad, which consists of an arugula-spinach mix, honey toasted almonds, ricotta cheese, gala apples, honey vinaigrette, and saba (in essence, grape reduction). It tastes just as beautiful as it sounds.

The pizza at From Scratch is downright phenominal. While they certainly don’t maintain traditional wood fired pizza form, From Scratch produces a pie with high quality toppings and impeccable flavor. Their wood fired crust is chewy and soft, topped with a brush of olive oil and baked to perfection. It’s a marvel that I see people in there sharing these pizzas. I’m one to usually take pride in my manners/lady-ness, but these pies have me devouring every last bite as if someone’s trying to take it from me.

On another note, I’m still working my way through the burger menu. I did, however, finally take time to try a new addition to their menu just a couple of weeks ago- the egg burger. Two eggs, chopped onions, mustard aoli, & smoked cheddar, served on a thick beef patty and a salty home made side of scratch fries. Unreal.

It comes as no shock that dessert here is on point. Four words: wood fired bread pudding (ask Nate for some vanilla creme anglaise to douse it with). This house-made concoction knew I didn’t stand a chance. Thank you, From Scratch, for being fantastic on all counts- the atmosphere, the menu, the concept, and the food. Salt Lake City loves you!

From Scratch (62 East Gallivan Ave. Salt Lake City, UT // 801.961.9000)

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